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Friday, July 9, 2010

Put a little light in your life

As you can clearly see, this darling shade was originally $30.00. Would I ever have spent that much on it? I mean it is really elegant.

How about $1.00? Certainly. On sale in Santa Fe. I purchased two of them.

And two of this hardware. I've looked on line to see if I could find a resource for you to no avail. But fear not.
I found a site that has a a votive converter for a candlestick. Click here. As long as the upper opening on the shade isn't wider than the opening in the votive cup this could work as well. Or follow along for another cute option.

I first made a paper pattern by tracing the original shade onto some plain white paper, which I cut out. Then I traced the pattern onto the decorator paper that I planned to use on the new shade. This is one of Basic Grey's lace cardstocks. Isn't it yummy?

Then the hard choice of choosing trims began. I finally settled on something more malleable so that it would lie flat when glue-sticked to the curve. Glue sticked isn't a word? Really, to a crafter it is! I used a Mokuba flower trim for the wider, lower edge of the lampshade and a mini, rayon rickrack for the upper edge.

Apply a 1/4" wide strip of Terrifically Tacky tape along the back straight edge. Press firmly to adhere. Release the orange cover. Press the other edge over the tape. Press to secure.

I also made another simple shade out of a patterned vellum. Once again, trace the pattern onto the letter sized vellum. Isn't it nice that it fits? Once it's cut out, use a Gold Leaf pen available at most craft stores, to edge both the upper and lower edge of the shade. Adhere the back closed with more Terrifically Tacky tape.

Place the hardware onto your candle holder. I chose my antique English Barley Twist candlestick.
See how cute this is? Today I've got a 'real' votive candle in the holder. However, with kids and company, I resort to battery operated candles. Makes me responsible and saves a disaster.

I love how the light shines through the opening in the paper.

I can see this appearing on a buffet table or on a side table in a room. How about the bathroom? It needs a bit of sprucing up don't you think?

No hardware? Find your favorite wine glass. Don't have one? The Dollar Tree has plenty. I like the chunky ones with interesting stems the best.

These would also be cute at a wedding reception, birthday party, individual candles on a dinner table, or even in a kitchen window. What ideas did you dream up?

And here is the simple one. Of course, the flaw is front and center. Oh well, I'm not perfect either.

Alternative shade ideas: paper piercing on vellum, die cuts on vellum (ooh so cute for halloween), your favorite Christmas paper. Can you think of more?

Have fun with this project. It's easy and will add a bit of light to your life for sure.


Designs on 47th Street said...

Well aren't you just the most clever lady? I'm so impressed that you designed that shade. Very nicely done!

I enjoyed learning more about you through your profile. Seems we have much in common, but have you met my grandchildren?? ;)

Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog this morning and leaving a comment. I hope you will come again.


Deanna said...

Darling lights!
Very sweet,

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

These lights are so cute but I was worried about mixing candles and paper. I was glad to read you plan on using battery operated candles. I love the lace paper and it is perfect for this lampshade. Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Sherry

Bobbie said...

Adorable!!! I love them both. Beautiful candlesticks.

xinex said...

Wow! I love the pierced lampshade, so adorable!.You are just full of neat ideas. Thanks for sharing them...Christine

Bill said...

Very clever -- and what a deal on those shades! Very nice tutorial!



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