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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dreaming in Tartan

It's a tartan/plaid parade!

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This  year I finally got my most desired dishes - Lenox Holiday Tartan!!
I had been coveting wanting this set of dishes for a while.
Then One King's Lane had them and I hem-hawed  around.....
but not for long..

Today I put them on some plaid placemats.
I found these when we were cleaning out my mother's things.
We had spotted them at the same time at TJMaxx a decade ago.
I caved, she bought them and now I have them.... they still had price tags!!!
12 placemats, 12 napkins.....

Plan on using my red goblets and the etched wines....

Loving how the tartan ribbon swirls through the fruit.

To see some Christmas tartan, click HERE, HERE, or HERE.

I also have some plaid for a manly table...

I made these placemats and the napkin rings out of men's shirts.. 
Each placesetting is a different shirt.
The sleeve cuffs became the napkin rings.
Embroidered with names and motifs... each is unique.

And my son Michael has this mom-made quilt. Out of fabric from my resource center (stash),
the guy's old shirts, and some unmentionables....

My son also sleeps with blackwatch! It's a tartan, it's a duvet, it encases his
down comforter... although... we have moved on to just sheets already...
Sweet tartan dreams!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let's Dish up some coffee!

This coffee set is really, really old. 
It belonged to my maternal great-grandmother.
It survived being in a home that was hit with bombs not just once, but twice..
I cherish it very much.

Who says you cannot have cookies for breakfast?
And why can't you sip your coffee from some nice china?
In the living room, whilst the early morning sun drops in for a visit.

I buy a fuchsia every single year.
My grandmother planted this color in her planter boxes.
She knew it was my favorite, and I was her favorite grandchild.
Oops Marilyn, Mark, the cat is out of the bag now... ;-)

There is only a very simple marking on the bottom of these pieces.
1711 17
Written in gold.
so I have no clue who the maker was.

I love this French spoon.
It needs polishing.
Regardless, it makes me smile.
I won it on Corey Amaro's blog - Tongue in Cheek (which was featured in Victoria magazine!!).

Oh gosh, doesn't this lid make you happy?
Curvy, embossed and so pretty.
I fancy a hat like that.
How about you?

A pretty linen napkin.
With a lovely two tone crocheted edging.
A gift from my mom.
Using them is like a hug.

All on a silver tray.
With a wonderful patina,
scroll motif'd,
and a delicate rope handing and edging detail.

Cannot wait on that first bite of cookie.
My favorite is white chocolate macadamia nut.
What's your favorite?

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Also for Tablescape Thursday over at Susan's! See you there. Be blessed.


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