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About Me

Welcome and Hello!

Some stats:
Born in Germany a very long time ago
Married since December 1974.
2 sons, born in 1976 and 1981
2 granddaughters - the apple's of my eye for sure.
Hobbies: Sewing, paper crafting, decorating, cooking, snow skiing, trout fishing, old Doris Day and Cary Grant and Rock Hudson movies!!

I was born in Germany, raised in both Germany and France and didn't appreciate any of it until I got older. I taught myself to sew when I was in high school so that I could have some cool dresses for the dances. My very first dress was a plaid corduroy dress with darts. I used fusible seam tape to hem the skirt and sleeves! Well, my mom's machine didn't  do well with blind hems and hand was a four letter word. I knew how, but lazy comes to mind.

I love hand sewing, always have. My hippie jeans had embroidery up the legs that took weeks to do. But man was I cool. I love beautiful threads and yarns. I also crochet, knit, needlepoint and cross stitch.

And then I got some really nice sewing machines and fell in love with making the sewing machine sing. Thereafter I worked for just short of 10 years for a major sewing machine company. It was a wonderful time. A chance to marry my talents with my vocation!

I love paper too. My grandmother was a delightful lady who would sit patiently with me while I crafted, fabric, paper, clay, you name it, she let me try it. I can remember sitting on her lap while she was sewing on her treadle machine.

So what you'll find here is a mixture of all the things I love: fabric, paper, crafting, decorating, musing.

I hope you enjoy and come back often.


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