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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rustic Roses Tablescape

Do you have a plan for when you have unexpected guests? 

Can you set a table in 15 minutes? Stay tuned for how I did it!

 A great tablecover (or not) is a quick way to set the mood.
The table outside is more narrow and therefore chargers don't work as
well. Especially larger, more rustic ones. So this table is set without them
for lack of space!

Some great dishes, estate sale silver, a water goblet (they'll have a drink
 in their hands when they sit down) and the necessary napkin are the 
fundamentals for this quick dinner set up.

In lieu of flowers, I used a log. Yep, you hear right. I keep one lying
 around for just this purpose. (Actually, I choose a perfectly shaped 
one with lichen on it when the winter firewood is delivered). 

I drill some hole into the log and then I can place my perfectly weathered, 
copper candle cups into the log. Those were a memento from Carmel, CA 
when we were there several years ago. I love how this log drips with lichen. 

Of course, being blessed with some perfect weather helps everything right along. 

The napkin is a beautiful jacquard with a delicate crochet edging caught up in my rustic napkin rings I made a few weeks ago. You can check HERE for the tutorial. I think I'm going to be able to use these frequently.

I find myself using these goblets quite a bit. They are handblown in 
France but I was lucky enough to purchase them on a trip to Santa Fe.

Am really loving how rustic this looks on the table. 

I couldn't resist these plates when I saw them. Roses. Filigree. Antique 
writing. I was sold.

The dinner plate is as spectacular, too.

Totally loving how the roses in the silver play so nicely with the dishes.

Just pop on over.. the table is set. I'd love to have some company!

Matelasse - estate sale or Savers
Plates - Royal Stafford
Glasses - Handblown in France, purchased in Santa Fe, NM
Napkins - had them for a long time.. Rose Trellis in Sage
Silver - Old Company Plate, used HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE
Napkin rings - made by Moi, tut HERE
Candle cups - Carmel, CA
Log - probably pinion

Thanks for dropping by. I'm delighted you chose to spend some time here. I love knowing you were here by reading your comments! 
On Thursday, I'll be partying at Susan's Between Naps on the Porch!
I hope I see you there.


Deb said...

Gorgeous plates.

RhondaBuss said...

Lovely as always.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love those plates! Great dinner outdoors!

Entertaining Women said...

Salivating just a little as I studied so many elements here that I just adore. The plates are gorgeous, and you know that I so love matelasse...it always adds that perfect je ne sais quois. Those candle cups are such a treasure. Do you ever stick them into veggies or fruit? I could see them attached to artichokes...or in pairs put into egg plants. They're really a wow factor. Great minds...again...we both headed outdoors this week in this glorious Southwest Spring weather. Have your new plates arrived, yet? Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

allisamazing said...

Your dishes are gorgous along with your napking rings and of course, your table is just beautiful :)

Lizabeth @ Infuse With Liz said...

Oh Marlis you did a wonderful job on capturing the right lighting! The "log" is awesome! I like that you incorporated the candle holders into it! Those dishes are so awesome I would have been smitten with them immediately too! Love the glassware and napkins...and the matelasse table cover! This has great bones!
Love it!

Kuby said...

Marlis, your spur of the moment tablescape is enchanting. It is sure to leave your guest feeling special and pampered.

Alycia Nichols said...

PERFECTION! The dishes, as you might already suspect, are da bomb!!! I just love the romantic look to them!!! A log...only you! It's great! It really is great!!! So you have all the elements present for a 15-minute phenom: candlelight, nature, flowers (right there on the dishes!). All you need now is a some quick pasta or takeout to linger over. Fabulous, Marlis!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I love every detail... AHHH, you have MY rose plates. YES, they are one of my favorites and fit in perfectly with your natural setting. I LOVE your log as the centerpiece with the candle cups(I have some and NOW I'm going to use your inspiring clever idea. Your napkin rings are so perfect, LOVE THEM.
Have a wonderful week,
Big Hugs,

kitty said...

I wish I could just pop right over! I love the plates, the beautiful napkins and especially your centerpiece...how great is that??!! I love blogland and all the fabulous ideas everyone shares.

PAT said...

I love when you do outdoor tables, Marlis. This is gorgeous. I don't think I could set a table in 15 minutes.:-)

Mary said...

Your Rustic Roses table is beautiful Marlis~ I'm sure your guest were thrilled to dine al fresco and had no idea you set such lovely table in 15 minutes! I love your lichen covered log too :)

ellen b. said...

Love the sunshine and shadows playing on your table. Very nice!

Diann said...

Very pretty Marlis! those plates are just so pretty! visiting from LD!

Aledia said...

Oh Marlis,

What a beautiful table! I love your dishes and your centerpiece!
I would be thrilled to join you for dinner!
I think sometimes a table set on the whim can sometimes look nicer than one that has been planned just because we put so much thought into it and try to make it perfect and sometimes it's over done. Of course it could just be me that does that lol...

Have a wonderful evening!
Aledia @ Plum Perfect

On Crooked Creek said...

This is so inviting!!! Those napkin rings are stunning with your place settings and napkins! I adore the use of the log outdoors or in! Beautiful tablescape, dear friend!

Meredith said...

So so pretty. I love the log, the handblown goblets, the setting...just beautiful. Those rustic napkin rings are so lovely. Your outdoor tables are stunning as usual!

Kathe said...

I may find a way to "just pop in" if I were to be greeted by a table as lovely as this! The rose plates are beautiful. The log is perfect!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

What a beautiful rustic/elegant outdoor tablescape! Those plates are wonderful!


Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Marlis, I went over to see how you made those napkin rings and you are really amazing! And that post was so funny--go out and close the door and don't fiddle--yes you are a true crafter because you know what we will be doing--picking it up, seeing how its doing--can we try the napkin yet...I used to do so many crafts too, but not for a long time. I like the leather napkin ring idea, and your rustic table here is actually so pretty and romantic in that rustic way, like a cowgirl in a pretty dress and beautiful boots, maybe! I'll have to practice doing the 15 minute thing, though. I work pretty slowly! Linda


Oh dear Marlis, this table is gorgeous and so inviting! You captured the light beautifully, I'm delighted looking at all your detail, I adore the elements you've chosen for it...each one. The dishes are so pretty. The flatware is wonderful too! Thank you for your lovely and kind comments my friend, coming from you, it's wow! Hugs,

ellen b. said...

Oh what a fabulous setting. I really like and plates and the centerpiece is really creative!

Gina said...

What a lovely tablescape! Those plates are so pretty and your napkin rings are great too.

suzyq said...

Love, love, love this! I adore your plates - just so beautiful.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Yummy plates, Marlis! And I love matelasse on a table. The log is the perfect rustic touch! Fifteen minutes, really? Aren't we just loving being outdoors?

Scribbler said...

I wish I could just pop in, believe me! I like those goblets a lot, and every time you put them out, I wish I had some. Pretty plates too. The whole thing is really calling my name.

lulumusing said...

As always, Marlis, I love your creative spirit, your sense of perfection, and I would love nothing more than to be an unexpected guest.

Barbara said...

I absolutely love combining the rustic with the elegant. You did such a wonderful job. I just love your log idea. Eating outside is always wonderful. I feel like I make my guests nervous by using my "good" stuff outside but it is my favorite setting. Your plates are wonderful. I bet your guests lingered for a long time in this beautiful setting.

A Cottage in the Clouds said...

Rustic yet elegant! Very clever idea with the log. Love your French goblets. And the tablecloth - is that matelasse? Beautiful! The charming dishes add a little romance.

Glenda said...

What a beautiful outdoor table! I agree with Barbara about combining the rustic with the elegant. And that log centerpiece candle holder! What a great idea - love it.

Pat's Pink Apron said...

I think that is a very pretty table. I May have to use that idea with the log sometime if you don't mind. Great idea. Those are such pretty napkins too.

Maria said...

A beautiful table in a perfect setting! Lovely table! I'm sure your guests would never know that you pulled this off so quickly.

All The Pretty Dishes said...

Your tablescape is beautiful. I love the dishes and your wonderful napkin rings and glasses. Great centerpiece too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comment.

injoyinmylife said...

Gorgeous outdoor table!! I love it. So romantic.

Miss Char said...

I'm in love with this table Marlis, no fussy stuff but elegant in its own way even with the rustic touches. Your log candle holder is fabulous and looks perfect on your table covering. The dishes bring just the right amount of color with all the rustic elements. Love this one, thanks for sharing.

xinex said...

Oh I love your rustic table, Marlis. What a great idea on the log, it looks fantastic as a centerpiece. I love natural elements like this. Love the quilt too...Christine

The 2 Seasons said...

Hmm 15 mins I am not sure I could do it. I better get my act together! Love the log what a great idea.

Debbie said...

Just beautiful! Love the roses with the rustic beauty of the natural elements, and the weathered candle cups.
The whole setting is so lovely, Marlis.

Kathleen said...

You outdoor gals are killing me with your gorgeous tables on the verandas, porches or patios! It was so windy today I opened my car door and everything blew out!
Those plates are amazing and can surely hold their own without a charger. Your napkin rings are fabulous!
Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish, and have a great weekend, Marlis!

Judy Bigg said...

Beautiful tablescape and love the plates too.

Marigene said...

Beautiful table. Love the plates. Your centerpiece is so cool.

Elaine said...

Marlis, I think you really took a "creative journey" with this one! I LOVE your log centerpiece! Those dishes would have been hard for me to resist, and the clear goblets are such a pretty shape. Your napkin rings have made a wonderful appearance here, and I look forward to seeing them again!

Cottage and Broome said...

I love to eat outdoors and that is just the perfect setting! Thanks for stopping by Laura

Taunnie said...

I love so many things about your table. First, I love, love the log/candle holder, such a fabulous idea. Next, I love the DIY napkin rings, read the tutorial and put it on my TO DO list. My next favortie thing, the lovely dishes. I can't believe this is your quick table. It looks like you slaved over it. Have a wonderful weekend!


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