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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Burlap and lace Tablescape

We are taking advantage of every opportunity to dine outdoors before the weather gets scorching hot and even under the canopy of the trees, outside becomes unbearable. And as long as burlap is still "in", I'll be using it because I love the roughness of the fibers. Especially in contrast to something as refined as crochet lace and silver.

I love the contrast between the burlap and the lace!

Pier One wooden chargers with scrolls, don'tcha just love these?

Bordallo Pinheiro dinner plates in that wonderful cabbage green

Pier One Salad plates are perfect for dining outdoors and blend well with the dinner plates.

Know nothing about this silver* - estate sale find for next to nothing.. R is my middle initial. I loved the heaviness of the pieces with its lovely scrollwork and roses.

The pieces are as pretty front and back.

World Market red woven cord napkin rings around vintage damask napkins add a bit more color to the table.

Sterling salt and peppers in dire need of polishing... oops.

 Ceramic baskets hold tea lights for after dark.

My favorite hand-blown goblets, capable of holding enough liquid so we don't get parched,.

My favorite Wedgwood pitcher to refill our glasses.

I love fresh flowers and although I don't have a cutting garden (drats), I know of good florists (United and Sam).

The steal of Sunday's estate sale... a Vietri container for a pittance! Look at the darling feet!


White wooden chargers - Pier One
Crochet Place Mats - a long ago purchase with my mom
Green cabbage plates - Bordallo Pinheiro
Salad Plates - Pier One
Silver - Signature byOld Company Plate
Goblets - French hand-blown, Satna Fe, NM
Napkins - Vintage damask
Napkin rings - World Market
Pitcher - Wedgwood
Flower container - Vietri
Salt and Pepper - Wallace Sterling
* Signature by Old Company Plate was made in 1950; Old company Plate is International Silver

 Thanks for dropping in. I do hope you've enjoyed your visit. I'm hoping to see you poking around at Susan's Between Naps on the Porch blog looking at all the lovely tables set just for you!  See you there!

Please visit Fifi of Fifi Flowers blog (just click her name)... she's used a photo from THIS (For the birds) tablescape to paint some darling bookmarks. I am honored and humbled. (She'll have the original up on Thursday!) She's so very creative... I hope some rubs off!! Thank you Fifi.


Miss Char said...

Marlis, I'm speechless over this table. Its beautiful, refreshing and looks like a magazine cover. Bravo!

Kathleen said...

The contrast of the burlap and lace is lovely! Such a pretty table, love the centerpiece too!
Happy Memorial Day to you too! God bless our troops!

Jacqueline said...

Enjoy that beautiful outdoor setting! I love the burlap and lace together too. It really sets the stage for your table. What a find that Vietri container is. It is perfect and yes the feet are wonderful. I just love the cabbage plates and of course I adore the chargers ( I have some of both - we must think alike!) What cute little white baskets too, they are adoreable. I wouldn't want to leave this table.

Karena said...

Marlis absolutely gorgeous!! I cannot believe all of your great finds, and the Pier on pieces are so unique!

Art by Karena

Tricia said...

Just beautiful, Marlis! Love the crocheted lace against the burlap! And I saw those pretty salad plates, too -- you've shown them off nicely in this table! Enjoy dining outdoors while you can!

Kuby said...

Your table is so enchanting. I can see people enjoying your beautiful yard and dinner while chatting and taking in the full atmosphere. The design is gorgeous.

Scribbler said...

The lovely crochet pieces juxtaposed against the burlap is probably the first use of burlap that I have liked. I have done the burlap thing several times over the years, but the last time it clogged up my sewing machine and brought on the allergies, I decided no more! But this looks great. Your back yard looks so inviting, as does the whole table. I am going to check out Fifi's painting. Your photo of the daisy is quite fabulous.


Tanya@takesix said...

What a beautiful table, Marlis! I love your floral plates. Your centerpiece container is soooo beautiful. You will use that alot! I used burlap on my table this week as well.

Mary said...

Marlis~ I love the mix of textures and contrast of the burlap & lace on your table! I have to say I prefer the patina of the unpolished silver, especially in your outdoor setting with the burlap! How wonderful to find your Vietri container at a bargain price too. Enjoy your outdoor dining!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Love your pretty table Marlis! Great chargers and fun goblets! You got a fun close-up of the Gerber Daisy too:@)

Debbie said...

I would never in a million years have thought to mix the burlap and lace, and I love it. The contrast in textures is so unique and just perfect, especially paired with those chargers (I want those!) and dishes.

This is a really lovely table.
(And it's almost too hot already here. UGH)

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Marlis, Your table is just as beautiful as usual! It is not surprising that an artist found inspiration here. Congratulations! Did you tell us where you found those adorable little basket votive holders? I am having fun with my wooden chargers too.. I made sure I purchased 12 before they disappeared. I knew they would never make it to the sale rack! Linda

Cindy said...

Such a beautiful tablescape, love it all!

Sweetladyelaine said...

Your table is just beautiful! I love those chargers, plates and your flower arrangement in that pretty vase. Thank you for sharing...Blessings My Friend,

tammylovesdishes said...

What a fun alfresco table! I love your wooden chargers and the sweet little white baskets. I like how you have mixed the elegant with the more simple. This is a very inviting and beautiful table!

Kathy said...

Gorgeous tablesetting! Love the combination of plates you used - very beautiful - the burlap and the lace look lovely together. Your flower arrangement just sets it off perfectly,

The Tablescaper said...

I too love the contrast of the lace and burlap. I have been eyeing both those chargers and those salad plates at Pier One. There's something about the color and vibrancy of those plates. Just a wonderful table.

- The Tablescaper

xinex said...

This is lovely, Marlis! I love those chargers. All the plates go so well together and I love your vase with flowers...Christine

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

So nice that you can still be outside! I like many details here. It will be a long time before I get tired of burlap! That Italian cachepot is FAB! Lucky! I am always still picking up silver too! I love it so. Just a lovely table, Marlis. (And no I didn't make the quilt, thanks!)

All The Pretty Dishes said...

This is a gorgeous tablescape. The colors are wonderful.

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Your table is Brilliant. I too love the contrast you created. So many different wonderful textures. I LOVE the colors and those plates are PERFECT...
Thank you for taking us along.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend,


This is a stunning tablescape dear Marlis! I love all your plates...the chargers are fabulous, the dinner plate, and all those layers of such beauty! The colours are just lovely.
Lots of hugs and a great weekend, too.

Martha said...

A very pretty table and I love the centerpiece! Love the contrast between burlap and lace too!

jo said...

Hi Marlis

Your table is so spring like and I adore the colours.

I also love the fact that your salt & pepper need polishing. It looks like you have done it deliberatly. It is all the rage at the moment, to have rustic metal and unpolished silver, here in New Zealand.


Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Stunning tablescape! Loved those flowers and chargers...nice colors everywhere!!
Hope to see you on my blog:)

RAINBOW-The Colours of India

Alycia Nichols said...

The Vietri planter is fab!!! What a great find!!! The whole table is beautiful. The contrast of rough and smooth is wonderful!!!

Pattie T. said...

I LOVE how you've paired burlap with lace. The whole table is just stunning and I just ache to have a pretty table set up outdoors. (We're in recovery from a tornado, so our yard, while recently cleared, looks like a swamp). I am a big fan of Bordallo Pinheiro, and love those plates!! And those chargers! OMG! Yes, LOVE the scrollwork. Why do I not see such things when I'm at Pier One? Well, the whole setting is just stunning.

Jannet said...

So very beautiful!! Love the combination of burlap and lace. I love everything on your table, but the flower container made me drool :)
Thanks for the invite, Jannet

Denise said...

Hey There Marlis!

I always look forward to seeing your creative tables. So much to comment on in this one, as usual. First of all, you won't believe this, but I have salad forks in that same Old Company Plate. You can find them in my Mother's Day Tablescape and my Spring Tablescape with the Lenox "Butterfly Meadow". I only have the salad forks; they were given to me many years ago by my husband's grandmother. But I do love the shape of them. Aren't they sweet? Your combination of plates is wonderful, and the red napkin rings add just the right pop of color. What an amazing find you got with the Vietri centerpiece container! I love Vietri, and it's quite pricey. I'm glad you got such a bargain. Your flowers are wonderful; the little white ones look like bachelor buttons. I don't have a cutting garden either; I used to at our home in Greensboro, and I really miss it. I really love your For the Birds table, and you always manage to capture the patterns of sunlight so beautifully in your pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Denise at Forest Manor

JudyBug said...

Oh so beautiful! I'm just loving your salad plated. I have white chargers, the cabbage plates...I need some plates like that! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Susan Hawthorne said...

Beautiful table. Your close up of that pink zinnia is stunning. I love the bright dinner plates- well done.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Such a pretty combination of elements on your table. Love the china pattern and those pretty chargers always catch my eye too.

Marigene said...

Beautiful table, so springlike with the floral salad plates. I love the Vietri urn.
Have a great weekend, Marlis.

Sarah said...

Marlis, I'm back for another look at this gorgeous table setting. Love those dishes and the way you pulled all this together. I adore Fifi's work so I'm off to visit now...... Sarah

Entertaining Women said...

It's a good thing that I wasn't in Lubbock during that estate sale...I'm pretty sure that I could have beaten you to that Vietri Foglia jardiniere. Outstanding get! Thank you for sharing another gorgeous design. Cherry Kay

vicki archer said...

A gorgeous table setting....happy weekend, xv.

Melody said...

Oh Marlis, What a beautiful table. I love the feel of burlap with fine fabric.

Shel said...

Oh, it so charming...love how you have layered with the different textures of the hessian and lace...and your plates are to die for.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

Rettabug said...

I'm late getting around to seeing this beautiful outdoor tablescape! (Blogger issues plus my wrist hurts)

Its just GORGEOUS!! I'm lovin' all the textures & I'm totally green with envy over that Vieti planter you found. Beautiful in every aspect!!

Poppy said...

Everything looks so beautiful, Marlis!Perfect garden party.Loved the wooden chargers,all the china looks so pretty against the white chargers with the scroll work..and yes I loved the contrast between the burlap and delicate vintage lace place mats. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing with us!~Poppy



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