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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A window with a view

This is my view when first I open my eyes. A big picture window with the dappled sunlight streaming across the yard. A bird feeder is just beyond the rocking chair on the left, that provides countless amusing moments for both Regan and me. With a fresh cup of coffee on the nightstand, this becomes a welcome spot to contemplate the day.
But there is a dilemma. I need drapes and am finding it increasingly difficult to commit. Three years in July in this house has not brought me any closer to a decision. Bed skirt is a beautiful sage silk dupioni - I'd rather not change this. Wall color is Valspar 5008 1C Lyndhurst Castle Sand - a delicious shade of gray with undertones of taupe and green. I'd rather not change that either. The bedskirt was a 5 second decision when I saw the fabric, the wall color took a couple of months. The drapes, well I am not there yet.

Drapes at the top of the list are these from Ballard design. Click HERE for a better view. I keep coming back to these. So this afternoon, I'm sending off for swatches. In the black check. We have lots of touches of black in our home and I love the statement that black makes. As lovely as the new lighter look is, I'm not sure I can embrace that. What do you think? Am I going to be sick of these in a year? Is this too much pattern to compete with the view?

Evening as the sun begins to set, the yard gets dappled from the western sun.

I think I'll take a hint from Regan and take a nap!


xinex said...

I would love to see the bedskirt, Marlis, but I think the drapes really go well with the walls. Lovely relaxing view!...Christine

Johanna said...

Hello Marlis,
what a lovely post with wonderful pictures. Love the cat's photo, he is so beautiful and relaxed.
Best greetings, Johanna

Emily said...

I love the drapes, I think the check is small, so it almost disappears into a solid. Something I would love and would not tire of. Great view out the window......

The French Hutch

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Love those drapes! Get them!

Miss Char said...

Anxious to see what you decide, I love the black check. The view from your window is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

No I don't think you will get tired of those drapes. Even though it's checked it's neutral SO you can play with other fabrics and colors and prints and NOT Clash! I have the same problem here...NO CURTAINS! My view outside merits full view at all times. BUT I do want to do something, JUST haven't committed YET! I know it's going to involve lace! You'll have to "Share your gorgeous view WITH the drapes"!
Have a wonderful week,

A Hint of Home said...

What a great wall of windows to wake up to. I love the curtains and think they would go great with the walls.

Dianne said...

I think the view is so lovely, I'm not sure I would want to cover an inch of it, but I do agree that the check is so small in those drapes that they would work as a neutral. Dianne

Entertaining Women said...

I bring home swatches, and by the time I finally decide on our the pattern is discontinued, and I have to start all over again...but I could pick a fabric for you in a New York minute! I have a wonderful large French chair that has been sitting with butt ugly red velvet fabric on it for years, and I still haven't chosen a fabric. Now I'm waiting to finish the new paint in the living room. It will happen...sure it will. I like the check, and if you do get tired of it, I would think that it could be used in a number of different areas. A guest room perhaps. Cherry Kay

Pat said...

I love those drapes Marlis! Hope they work out for you. Your view is wonderful!

Entertaining Women said...

Marlis, the frog jars are made by Colonial Tin Works, Inc. They come with a regular lid; you buy the 'frog' lid separately. They're about 6" tall. The base is about 3" and the lip is approximately 2 3/4" wide. They really are fun. There is a booth at Broadway Antique Mall (405-340-8215), in Edmond, Oklahoma called "The Unbottoned Curmudgeon." I know that she orders the frog jars. Her name is BJ Robinson, and she works part time helping run the antique mall. Cherry Kay

Debbie said...

You're definitely not going to be sick of those drapes in a year. I love them, and I agree about what a lttle black does to a space. I like all your shots.


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