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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Comfort Tablescape and BBQ Shrimp recipe

With all the comings and goings around here, 
it was certainly time for 

What is your favorite  comfort food?
Mine is pasta.

Everyday flatware placed on grapevine chargers
adds to the feeling

Hefty wine hocks to hold

A bit of greenery in a rustic pot
adds a bunch of charm  to the kitchen table.

Napkins and napkin rings from my favorite store.

Imagine a 
crusty loaf of fresh bread,
creamery butter.

Favorite kitchen salt and peppers
are quickly placed on the table.

for a quiet meal.

So what's for dinner?
A family favorite,
Spinach linquine with 
cajun bbq shrimp.

Cook pasta al dente.

Melt 3-4 tablespoons unsalted butter in a pan.
Add 3-4 tablespoons River Road Barbecue Shrimp Seasoning (click HERE for info)
add 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce (or to taste)
Add 1 - 1 1/2 lbs of shrimp
Cook, stirring to coat shrimp until shrimp is done.
Serve over rice or pasta.

Cast of Characters:
Grapevine chargers - World Market
Chargers - Bordallo Pinheiro
Pasta bowls - Toscana made in Italy, ICC Versilia
Flatware - Gorham
Napkins and napkin rings - Pottery Barn
Wine hocks - Santa Fe but similar ones at Pottery Barn
Flatware - Gorham
Breadboard - Paula Deen
Splatterware butter dish - Golden Rabbit

Thanks for dropping in! I appreciate your visit so much. 
I'll be joining Tablescape Thursday
and Foodie Friday.. see y'all there!


Jacqueline said...

How strange - I couldn't post a comment on Explorer and had to switch to Google Chrome and then I could!

I just adore you little table for two. It is perfect for our time in life now as our teenage son is rarely home for dinner with his comings and goings. The table is so pretty. I need to pull out my cabbage leaf plates but it is snowing here! Not yet I guess. The pasta looks wonderful and is soooo simple! We are definitely carb people here for seeking comfort too.

Poppy said...

Such a beautiful spring table setting! I love those etched flower stemware and the world market grapevine chargers...goes so well with the spring theme! And your shrimp-spinach linguine look scrumptious, thanks for sharing this delicious recipe and for your loving comment on my book accents. Lovely spring table setting...thanks for the inspiration.I've enjoyed my visit here! Have a great weekend!~Poppy

xinex said...

Beautiful tablesacape, Marlis, love all the texture. And your shrimp pasta looks delicious!...Christine

Entertaining Women said...

Still praying for you. Glad to see that you're up to a bit of 'scaping'. Lovely table...those grapevine chargers are really effective for using the negative space with a great impact for your design. I don't go to the mall often, but when I do, I always fit in a walk through Pottery Barn. ..and Williams Sonoma...and the Apple store. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

The French Hutch said...

hi Marlis, what a lovely creative table setting for two. Nothing better than one's comfort food, and you have a lovely presentation in your tablescape. Dinner looks delicious served on such pretty plates, love the pattern. Great wine stems and the salt and pepper are gorgeous. I love to serve one pot dishes here as a comfort food. Stews and soups are a favorite. Great post, makes me want to start a pot of soup for dinner tonight.

The French Hutch

The French Hutch said...

Marlis, forgot to mention how much I like the look of the rustic pot with the greenery. I have the same napkin rings from PB and love them.
Hope your day is great.

The French Hutch

Marigene said...

When I see everyone getting the cabbage leaf chargers out I know it is springtime, somewhere! Your table is so pretty...love the napkin rings.

Pat said...

Beautiful and comfortable table, Marlis. Just simply lovely!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Marlis! Pasta is my favorite too! That dish looks so delicious! I just love what that rustic pot of herby plants does for your table. Am I in France? Italy? I love the twiggy mats with your pretty dishes. Beautiful and comfortable indeed!

Scribbler said...

This does look very comforting.

The food looks delicious and I will check out your link for the seasoning as we like all things spicy.

Your blog is not coming to my mailbox anymore. I have been meaning to tell you about this, but I forgot. I subscribed quite awhile ago, and the same thing has happened with a couple of others.

All The Pretty Dishes said...

What beautiful plates! I also love the napkin rings. The glasses are great, I have something similar but not as pretty as the glasses in your tablescape. Nicely done.

Sarah said...

Dinner looks delicious and your table is delightful. Love the mix of layers. Cabbage leaf plates are some of my favorites!

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Marlis, you have set another lovely table! I brought out my cabbage plates and bowls last weekend. Spring is in the air!

Envoy-ette said...

This is my favorite tablescape because it has everything you need and nothing you don't.

Rettabug said...

Ooooo, YUM!! Your dinner sounds delish & so easy, too...I shall try it this Friday. We do meatless meals through Lent.

I'm peeking at the back of your pretty table to try & see your hutch in the background. Have you ever featured it? It looks very interesting. I must search your blog for the store behind it.

AND why is Cherry Kay praying for you????? I must have missed something!
I didn't know you had the email sign up on your blog. I shall register today. I hate missing out on your posts.

Gentle hugs for whatever is going on,

Donna (My Mothers {favorite} Daughter) said...

Oh to sit at this table...I love those plates, they sing pure comfort to me! I really love the table there in the kitchen, it reminds me of my husbands grandmothers kitchen, I loved that about her house!

The Tablescaper said...

Oh this does look comforting. Hope it gave you comfort to aid you with whatever is happening in your live. Thinking of you.

- The Tablescaper

Mary said...

Pasta is one of my favorite comfort foods right alongside potatoes! Your generous sized wine hocks would bring me great comfort too :) I love your cozy table for two~ your cabbage leaf plates are my favorites!

Sonia said...

Beautiful tablescape and I love your dishes!! The cabbage are some of my favorites! The shrimp linguini looks delicious...it matches the plates too! Thanks for sharing!
Miss Bloomers

Linda said...

Your table is lovely Marlis. I have those same green cabbage plates. A table for 2 is so sweet! Your flower goblets are adorable. I saw some recently at Pier 1.
Lobe the chargers. Thanks for sharing such a easy, yummy recipe. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving me such a wonderful comment.

Cindy said...

Marlis, I love your table for two! The rustic mixed with the delicate flowers and the sweet cabbage plates is delightful. And yummy pasta too!
XO Cindy

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

I love your table setting, especially the leaf plates and wicker chargers!

Sue said...

Marlis, Your shrimp dish sounds fantastic! I am always struggling for something different during Lent and meatless Fridays. This would fit the bill perfectly. The table looks oh so cozy and rustic- love the S%P shaker pattern and the cabbage plates. :-) Sue

Alycia Nichols said...

Good morning! Rise and shine, young lady! It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! First, I love the bead board in your kitchen! I have missed that since we moved about 10 years ago. It looked so good and was easy to clean. I miss it terribly! The pasta looks wonderful!!! I just ate a bowl of Cream of Wheat, so the shrimp & linguine looks EXTRA good and comforting! Beautiful place settings! The dish pattern is really pretty and makes me think of a welcoming kitchen. The lavender is just perfect for your centerpiece!!! I'm glad you were able to find a bit of peace & quiet along with apparently excellent food. My favorite comfort food is super, super spicy shrimp fried rice from Magic Wok. I like it to be so hot that it just about blows my face off. It's great when you have a cold because it helps to open the nasal passages up. I also like Longhorn Steakhouse's Firecracker Shrimp. (I think that's what it's called.) It's really spicy, and the sauce is really tasty. It just makes me feel all warm in side. All this food talk is making me sorry I wasted calories and stomach space on Cream of Wheat!!!

Kuby said...

Your table looks spectacular and the shrimp sound delish. Yes... I also agree with the comfort theory. It is time!

Kathleen said...

Marlis, I am behind here! I signed up for email notification so I don't miss your posts.
Lovely table, yes, very comforting!
And save some of that green pasta for my St. Pat's Day Blog Crawl.
Off to see the posts I missed!

Elaine said...

Comfy, cozy, and oh so pretty! Pasta is my comfort food, too.

On Crooked Creek said...

Love your "comfty" tablescape! I agree totally with your choice of napkins! Mustard gold and the plaid is so casual...relaxing!Many of my favorite foods are pastas! Lovely post...relaxing weekend ahead!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

What a great comfort tablescape. This has such wonderful color. Food looks heavenly.

Zuni, Chickadee Home Nest said...

What a lovely table, Marlis! Thank you for visiting me and commenting on my Little Boy Blue table--so we're "related" by antique linens. Nice to find friends with common interests. I love your cabbage plate--I have other pieces, but I think I need the plates--don't you? ~Zuni

lulumusing said...

Ah, my kind of table, comfortable and one that invites lazy conversation and appreciation of friendship.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Your comfort food looks wonderful! Love your cabbage plates. I would have to say we eat a lot of comfort soups. Just had some of Mr. Mid Atlantic's vegetable beef soup.

swedecollection said...

Marlis, love all the green tones -- even in the color of the stemware. I saw some just like it in Nashville and the label said RoseAnn. The green chargers from Portugal are so classic - never go out of style - so crisp looking and go with so many things. You had me drooling over the green pasta and shrimp! It all looks comforting. Hugs to you. Summer

Debbie said...

I know I'm late to this party. Last week and this week have been whirling dervish weeks. I'm glad I caught this before it fell down your page. I love the table, and it does give me a feeling of comfort.

My favorite comfort food is pasta, too, and shrimp or any seafood along with it is my absolute favorite way to go.

Designs By Pinky said...

Beautiful table! And cozy for 2. I love it. I have the same WM chargers, just got them on a trip to Fl. last mpmth. Love the dishes and glasses. I will be your newest follower. XO, Pinky


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