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Friday, July 30, 2010

Just what is your design style?

We need to have a bit of fun in our lives. Always.  

So today, I've got a decorating quiz for you. Have you ever wondered what your style is? This isn't scientific research, proven or even serious. It's simply fun. 

Only one rule: Read the instructions on the side bar to find out how to assess each room. The first time I took the quiz I had totally different results because I missed this step! Ooops! I know hard to believe. Don't be surprised if you don't get a result, just take it again.

 I wish my house looked like that, we are working our way towards this. Of course not exactly, but similar. Less tribal, more sedate but southwestern nonetheless. I love the pale walls and soft furnishings in similar color. Dark floors. I do like drapes that frame windows, high ceilings with beams (how much does it cost to raise a ceiling??). I don't like empty tabletops. I love rugs. I love old things. So is it really southwestern?

How do i explain the more European bedroom? Don't have to. I love getting older, I don't have to explain as much.

As I share my results with you, won't you share yours with me? Click this link and take your quiz and come back and leave a comment. I'm curious what styles are out there.

Southwestern Style

Though the new frontier may no longer be so new, the styles design that evolved in those regions are making a comeback. The Southwestern home has Spanish and Mexican as well as Native American influences. Earthy textures and tones and vibrant colors create warm and inviting spaces. When you hear Southwest you most likely think of desert landscapes and hot, dry environments. The rugged nature of the exterior translates literally and the pieces in the home have a similar sturdy and rustic feel. Neutral backgrounds mimicking sand and earth are livened up with handmade pottery in bright colors and woven rugs and baskets.

"There are distinct characteristics in the southwestern style that can easily be explained by imagining a desert scene. Picture all colors of the desert, the green of cactus, the red mountains of the Grand Canyon, and the Native American heritage that comes from the Arizona, New Mexico regions of the United States.

There are two types of southwestern style. The all natural organic version, with over scaled furniture made from log pole, and the use of rugged materials such as iron, stones and wood. Then the city version of southwestern with plastic cactus decorations and wall hangings, coyote figurines and the use of peach and teal coloring.


Textures and natural materials are essential in Southwest Style. Pine is a very popular wood, though there are many different rustic woods that work very well. Other natural materials such as leather, suede and animal hides as well as cotton, hemp, linen and wool are very popular and help reinforce the rustic aspect of the style. Pewter and wrought iron work well and natural stone and terra cotta tiles are very common. The main pieces in the room are subtle in color and texture and much of the color and interest is brought in through the rugs and accessories. Nail head trims are common, as is leather fringe. Cowboy themes are very popular and oftentimes you will see scenes depicted on throws and pillows and accessories.


For color — think of the primary colors: red, blue and yellow. Earth tones such as brown, reds, and yellows are very common. Rooms have neutral backdrops with pops of vibrant colors in the rugs and accessories. Turquoise is also very popular because of its roots in Native American jewelry and many times you will see green brought in with actual potted plants and cactus.


Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

First I like your room and I believe you "Could" achieve it perfectly if you would like. We have so many wonderful sources right now that won't break the bank(like Home Goods). I took the quiz and didn't think it was a good one. The rooms didn't take yes no answers, they would have needed to be discussed. and there were not enough styles to rate the person taking the quiz, I am a TRUE believer that the style MUST match where you are located. Hence, if I lived in Hawaii I want "tropical", the southwest would "DEFINITELY" be the style you are after. I LOVE the same things you do and we created our home, here in New England being definitely OLD WORLD. Stories in every corner and board and nail... LOVE THAT. I'm in Connecticut and I'm in the NW corner, people are starting to build 'Nantucket looking houses here", It makes me shiver, it just doesn't go...If I were deep in the woods of the Adirondack mountains I would have a log cabin. I'm anxious to see what you are up to? and I DO love that room!!! If you have a chance peek in on me, I have my home posted, and I will be posting interior shots now and then...

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Oh By the way, did you know that Home Goods gets Antiques too??? All their stores are different, and they seem to want to please the area that they are in... If you go to towns or areas that are higher priced living and wealthier, The stores in that area have goods to please them, BUT the prices are STILL Home Goods Prices. It's always a treasure hunt in there... We have a local potter that is maybe in the $100 to $1000plus price range, and I was in one of our better area Home goods and bought 4 of his works for $19each... It's all they had and I don't know why, and I never saw anything of his there again. Hmmm...That's only ONE example...You CAN hit one of a kinds there too.
just wanted to pass this by you,

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Interesting quiz format. I wasn't too sure about it, but it pegged me perfectly... 60% classic, 20% French eclectic, 20% Traditional country


I came to say thank you for visiting me today & leaving a lovely comment. OK, took the test, it said French Eclectic. What I always always always like are very high ceilings, lots of light, floor to ceiling openings, hardwood floors, area rugs (Persian or like that)a monochromatic palette except for the area rug & paintings, perfect lighting & flowers. When I start redoing any room, I remove everything in the room, then rebuild it from there. Sometimes we just have to take a "new picture" in our minds, you know?

Bobbie said...

Mountain Lodge
I think it fits and I could love the mountains to go with the style.lol

Anita said...

Great ideas!! I tried to take the quiz, but something kept locking up and I could not finish. I think it's all personal. My style is definitely an eclectic mix because so much has been passed down to me I have to find a way to make it all work. I do ten to go towards a more rustic version of whatever I love. Thanks so much for stopping by!! I love your red/white/black table below!!!

Maria said...

Marlis, how do I get to the quiz? I don't see where I need to click. Did I miss a step?


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