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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chicken wire isn't just for chickens!

English Ivy is such a delightful little plant. I've had this little plant for quite some time. It lives quite content in the kitchen or in the hallway. Never asking for much except regular feedings and a regular dose of fertilizer. So much easier than husbands and children!

Notice the wire mesh? That our tutorial for today. A chicken wire cloche!

Gather these supplies:
Chicken wire
Wire cutters
One Cloche the size you want your chicken wire cloche
One Base

Wrap the chicken wire around the cloche. Use the wire cutters to cut the chicken wire about 1.5 inches longer than needed.

It will be wider on top than you need. For the sample, I also cut the chicken wire about 2 inches longer.
Tip: Keep the edge of the chicken wire along the bottom edge of the cloche. It makes for a neat edge!

Wrap the ends of the cut chicken wire around one another to secure.

On short ends, wrap the ends of the wire in opposing directions as shown.

For this top, I simply wrapped wire around the top at the desired height and let the top of the chicken wire fan out. Another option is to form the chicken wire on top into a ball.
Better still visit here to see what this talented creator did with hers!

Wouldn't this be cute to house some chicken salt and pepper shakers?
I think if that is what I wanted to do, would probably find the smaller spaced chicken wire.

These are charming Fitz and Floyd salt and peppers. Run to Tuesday Morning, they might still have a set with your name on them!

My cloche was destined for the English ivy so that its runners could meander mindlessly in and out of the wire.

Won't this be charming when the ivy is a wee bit more mature and the runners have worked their magic to create a lush green cloche?

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I've linked to the fabulous Susan at Between Naps on the Porch so that you can see some more before and afters..


ourlifeinaclick.blogspot.com said...

So cute! Stopping by from MM. I love your creative chicken wire ideas. Fun!!


xinex said...

You are creative, Marlis. These are cute, thanks for the tutorial....Christine

Jacqueline said...

This is very clever and will be so gorgeous when the ivy fills in, but it is pretty now. I love your shot of it with the chickens inside. Clever girl!


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