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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Do-it-yourself concrete planters...

I was so hoping to have the step photos of how this is done - but Mr. Contrary is hanging more Mexican stars on the patio. So I can't get his help to be mixing Quickrete and me be taking pictures. Besides I'm not so sure I'd ace the consistency of the cement as well as he does.

However, if you visit here, it explains the concept pretty well. I found a set of 4 nested plastic bowls, with lids I didn't use, at Wal-mart for about $4.80. I used largest and next largest bowls for the project you see.
  • Once you follow instructions and use a non-stick cooking spray on the inside of the larger bowl and on the outside of the smaller bowl, fill the larger bowl 5/8 full with the mix you have made with the fast drying concrete and water.
  • Then push the smaller bowl into the cement mix. Center as you go!
  • Place a brick or water into the smaller bowl to weigh it down.
  • Insert river rock into the space between the two plastic bowls. This "decorates" the rim of your planter. Some other ideas are marbles, clear glass pebbles or any other smaller objects of your liking.
  • Let the concrete cure/dry over night. You can take the inner, smaller bowl out earlier but leave the mass in the large bowl.
  • The next day when it's time to remove the planter from the bowl, make sure the smaller bowl is in place inside the planter. Turn the planter over and "break" the seal on the larger bowl by gently releasing the plastic from the concrete. The smaller bowl provides stability and keeps the concrete planter from touching the surface when the bowls are overturned.

Make sure you push the pebbles into the rim quite way so as to cover the widest part of the pebbles with cement. This will secure them in place. If they pop out later on, use some E6000 glue to re-adhere and secure.

I filled the bottom of my planter with perlite, but smaller pebbles would do also. This aides in drainage. I planted sedums in my planter, they don't require a lot of water nor depth. I think I'll push the limit and fill the container with more cement next time. This will give me a deeper planter. One down, 6 to go!

Ooh excited - I finally found the blog where I first saw these. Click Sweet Something Designs to see how she made hers, with step by steps and even a new "light" goes on moment!

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