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Monday, July 5, 2010

Making a silk purse out of a sow's ear

I gathered the supplies. One jar. One votive candle. Wire cutters. Needle nose pliers. Wire. And a thing. Not sure what it was supposed to be or do. I only know my sister in law gave it to me and I am assuming it came from my husband's paternal grandmother. Silver. About 12" tall. With a wide base and a hook at the top of the harp. Any clue what this might be? Leave a post. Or come up with a good story.. I'd love to read it.

This project took all of 15 minutes! If that much. Do you have a problem throwing away glass bottles? I do. I hate to part with something that might be gone forever. They even removed the glass bottle from our favorite milk :-(. So I save them one and all. And today I found the bottle first and then came across the "thing". I knew they would work out great once they were married.

I measured the length of from the hook on the "thing" to the top of where I wanted the jar votive to be. Then I wrapped wire around creating a hanger with several wraps around the top of the jar. Snip off the excess wire. Insert a votive candle into the jar. Light the votive candle. Hang the jar.

I also found a German mustard jar. I could make a hanger for this one too. What do you think? And tell me what that "thing" is, please..

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Paradoxically Jill said...

I'm so confused. By the title, I was really anticipating you making a "silk purse" from a "sow's ear" as in pig. I'm assuming that there's some crafty metaphor's going on in your title that are just over my uncrafty head.

Otherwise, very cute thing with a candle hanging from it. Wish I knew what it was called, but I don't.

Millie said...

That is a metaphor but it's literary rather than crafty. Been around a very long time. Nice job, Marlis, as always. :-)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I do love this. It looks like a pretty lantern.

But what is that thing? Have you found out yet?!


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