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Saturday, May 2, 2009

More things that bring a smile.

Fuchsias. They come in many color combinations. This is my favorite color combo. My grandmother always had planter boxes of these along the stairs that went to her basement. One of my memories of my grandmother was going to the market to pick up the young plants and bring them home. She didn't drive, so it entailed a bus ride into town to the market square and walking and walking and walking. And then having to carry the purchases home. I remember her wanting to plant the red/purple combo in all planter boxes. But when I told her that these were my favorites, she planted each planter box half and half. The next year and every year after that, when we would visit, the planter boxes were planted half and half. I knew right then and there how much she loved me.

Columbine. The very first time I encountered Columbine was at our cabin in New Mexico. We were riding our 4 wheelers up a trail and we came across a break in the thicket seeing these growing in the wild.

As I was buying yet more plants the other evening and my dear husband was rolling his eyes and trying to be patient I came across this plant. To buy or not to buy. In my heart I know that the climate is too warm here for this plant to thrive. Where to plant it? Is this just another foolish purchase? Thought of all the reasons why I should leave it at the store. But my sweet husband said get it, you love it. So now when I look out the great expanse of kitchen window, into a little wooded area, there is this beautiful face looking up at me. He loves me.

One of my hidden reasons for driving to Santa Fe was to go to Jackalope's to shop for pots. They have such a wonderful assortment and the prices are extremely reasonable.

So after much negotiating with sweet husband, we settled on the ones with the sun. They are happy and large but not too big, and I got a pair. Just like shoes, most things are just better in pairs! Next time we go, I'll bring home a couple more.
These make me smile because sweet husband didn't gripe about driving to Santa Fe to buy pots, because he didn't gripe about schlepping them home, because he didn't gripe when we had to buy soil and plants to fill them, and because he just smiles when he looks at them.

Plants: geraniums, yellow verbena, a variegated Vinca, and some gray silver fuzzy stuff. Obviously a seasoned gardener, I'm not. I figure those might get big and be replaced...

Sweet husband thinks I take walls too seriously. Especially blank ones. But he didn't even bat an eye when I brought this wire outdoor art home and his skill was need to hang this - outdoors and on a brick wall. He rolled is eyes only once but knew that I would be happy if he just did it. You think being married just short of 35 years doesn't have it's benefits? Come talk to me.

Asparagus fern in an antique watering can. I wonder if this will thrive inside over winter? I love to plant in unusual containers.

Plants outside are wonderful! Turn on the hose, they all get watered. Only drawback is that in a semi arid area such as the High Plains with a bit of daily wind (but no pollution), you have to water more frequently because they dry out sooo quickly.

Quick tip: instead of filling up a container with all soil... try using some non biodegradable packing peanuts to fill the bottom. Not only will the container be lighter, but they will also provide more drainage.

Begonias. I don't know why I love Begonias. Is it the waxy leaves? The little flowers? Who cares, they make me happy.

Recipe for success with a strawberry pot: 1" plastic pipe the height of the strawberry pot. Cap off one end (this end goes in the bottom of the pot). Drill offsetting holes all around the pipe up to about 3" short of the top. Plant with the pipe centered in the pot. Make sure the top of the pipe is above the soil line. Water the pipe! Keeps the soil moist all the way to the bottom of the pot!

It was National Scrapbook Day today. Did I buy anything? yes... Surely I might have something to show tomorrow. Although I really have a sewing project in mind. We'll see in which toy box I play tomorrow. Stay tuned and....

Be Creative!


Anonymous said...

Great tip for the strawberry pot!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Dusty Miller, and yes, they do get big...


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