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Friday, May 29, 2009

good friends, good music, and a short lived daylily

It what we do every Thursday afternoon/evening. We head downtown to the Buddy Holly Center for some free music, overpriced drinks and a visit with good friends. While I was on the road, it was a rarity for me to partake in this event. But now that I work and live in the same city in the same state, it has become our "ritual". A rite of passage from spring into summer. For most, Memorial Day is the day that marks the first day of summer. For us, the first concert is the official first day.

First concert was by Wendy Colonna. She's got a sultry voice, Louisiana charm and a guitar that reaches your inner being.

Friends Laura, Carolyn, Eddie and Sue.

Friends Justin and Laura whom we met last year at this event.

Finally. But the German is more of a definitive. Entlich. The first daylily. There are hundreds more to come.

Although the calendar isn't in sync. It is summer. These are the true events of summer. Enjoy.

I have a few projects on which I'll be working tomorrow.

Be Creative!

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CG said...

My daylilies are in full bloom, they always open for Memorial Day. Kinda the opening of summer I guess!


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