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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Repurposing -

Sorry for the bad picture... But it's all I could find on the web. This is a magazine cover from Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine, Winter 2002.

Moving along. Repurposing. To use or convert for use in another format or product: repurposed the book as a compact disk. (from Answers.com) When you have as many samples as I do, it's impossible to use them for their intended purpose. The purpose of the chair covers was for a magazine article. I could make just one. And with the amount of time spent embroidering the floral wreath, in all honesty, I was only going to make one.

So I took this lovely silk fabric chair cover apart. Not really stitch by stitch, but you know scissors will cut about anything. The only item with which I was careful, was the black lace. I couldn't get anymore.

We have a dresser bench that was my husband's grandmother's. And it had pretty horrid fabric on it. So I decided it needed some spiffy-ing up. I did have to sew a bit of fabric to each end to make the chair back fit the bench.
Tip: Don't add the fabric in a straight line, add a curved piece on each end and then it looks like it was on purpose.
I adhered the lace to the top of the bench seat frame with a few discreetly placed staples.

Instead of a sample that would be stashed away in a box, now I can enjoy both the embroidered wreath and the bench a bit more. See what you have hidden away in a drawer and give it some new life.

Be Creative!


Brenda Pierce said...

Marlis, that is truly beautiful. You continue to amaze me! :)

Anonymous said...

Good tip, true, it looks like you meant to do it that way!


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