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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

silent proof of a busy weekend

Painted. Which means take it down, paint, clean it, put it back.

Rehang pictures. I did have a fiber art piece framed and am pleased as a peach how it turned out.

Bought plants and planted containers for yard art.

Cleaned my art space. My friend Charlotte sent me an email with some quotes from Charles Schultz (you know Peanuts fame) and I found this spoke to me. So I took out my QuicKutz Silhouette and die cut the saying from vinyl. Let me just say, follow QK's directions. It will save you lots of frustration! :)

Had a birthday party for our now 33 year old son.

So here is how the age thing went down:
I say 33
husband says no he's 34
I change blog to 34
Son says he's 33.
And I do the math.
I was right the first time.
I was wrong to listen to husband. :( LOL

Graciously gave in to husband, sons and grandchildren. We now have colored lights up. You know, it was the adoring faces of the grandchildren that made giving in easy. And it's not as bad as I thought it would be.

And I worked on some art. Instructions to follow when the big piece is completed. Can you guess what I used to create this look?
Thanks be to God, for without His guidance none of this would have been possible.

Be Creative!

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CG said...

WOW you were busy over the weekend!
Everything looks nice.


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