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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sometimes life is just funny. Really funny. Just makes me smile.

Charlotte sits proudly in my kitchen. On a shelf of antique kitchen cabinet. On top of a small table square my mother made when she was 16. Next to a tea cozy that I made for a magazine article. Along side a candle stick my youngest son brought home from Holland when he was 11 years old.

I love Charlotte. She brings me happiness and is the cutest chicken in the coop! So I'll share Charlotte's story.

A long time ago in a land far away, Charlotte arrived at my doorstep via a world wide shipping company. She had traveled from Florida to Texas unharmed and in pristine condition well packed in bubbles. She arrived with a tiny necklace made from letters spelling out her name. She came from a very dear lady whom I met in Huntsville. I've since lost track of her, but that is entirely my fault. However I did see a picture of her recently. Brandi surprised me with this awesome gift. I did nothing to deserve it, but I am so thankful and so grateful for Charlotte's cheery good morning and somber good night and most of all for Brandi whose thoughtfulness is kindly remembered each and every day.

Now here's where funny comes in the door. I was just looking through a notebook in which I've collected ideas for my perfect house. Maybe one day. And I came across a torn out page from a catalog from Rue de France. Sadly, it's no longer in business. Guess what is circled on that page? Charlotte. Life takes many funny turns!

Ironic is that Charlotte is my BFF and lives in Huntsville... So I have two priceless Charlotte's in my life. Aren't I lucky?

The lights are not up yet. Still hoping for a change of heart. Either of us. Both of us stubborn though. Votes are dead even. Friday I have a date with blue painter's tape and some buckets of paint. The color is not up for vote! That's why I'm doing it while husband is at work.

Be Creative!

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CG said...

I remember when you got "Charlotte"
too!....I see Brandi every time there is a licensing here. She has really gotten into the sewing/serging thing.
Funny how things come around, something similar happened to me yesterday when someone from Facebook made a comment about someone else from the past. You never know, the world has gotten really small.
Guess what I'm working on......Sharks Teeth...wonder what happened to Thelma?? last time I asked about her they said she was still around. I didn't do TV this year! yeah!!


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