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Sunday, May 24, 2009

What color are you going to paint the bedroom?

I painted the living room on Friday. Saturday I paid for it. However, now that the living room looks so "clean", it makes me want to continue to do more decorating. My husband said it would happen, "Nobody just buys one can of paint." And I quote.

I didn't start until noon on Friday and by 11pm, the entire room had the furniture back, the pictures hung, the tv moved, the rugs back. However I saved putting the china cabinet back together until Saturday. It was time for bed. Before the lights went out, my husband asked "What color are you going to paint the bedroom?". I did just want to bop him with something, but it hurt too much to move.

Saturday morning I got the crystal and the china put back up. We were having a birthday party that evening. And sore as I was, I still had to get a cake and a gift. Our eldest son turned 33. So I was really feeling my age, and it wasn't pretty!

More tomorrow, if I get the urn painted and my office overhauled so I can ....

Be Creative!

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