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Monday, April 27, 2009

Framed in metal

I just can't get enough of Ten Seconds Studio metal, embossing plates and tools. This past weekend, I finally managed to eek out a bit of time to create a frame covered in a sheet of metal. The biggest decision was which color of metal to use. I chose the brown because it blends in with most surroundings and since I didn't have a picture in mind, I played it safe.

A few tips:
  • Use a temporary spray adhesive on the back of the sheet metal before you place it on the embossing plate. This keeps it from slipping during the embossing process.
  • Trace out the frame and the picture opening before you begin.
  • Place the metal colored side up on the embossing plate.
  • Sand while the metal is still in place on the embossing plate.
  • Paint the wooden craft frame first and let dry.
  • Use the orange double sided sticky tape to adhere the metal to the frame.
  • Don't cut the metal to the exact size of the top. Leave about 1/8" extra to bend to the sides of the frame for a neater finish.
  • Leave enough metal in the picture opening to fold the metal back creating a nicely finished edge next to the picture.
Be Creative!

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