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Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Easter metal project

Wooden blocks, craft paint, a vintage wash, and some embossed metal letters are all you need to create this charming display. I really like playing with the metal sheets. This project simply reminds me of a very expensive line of purses, shoes and jewelry.

I'd been removing some of my rubber stamps from their blocks for the sake of saving some space. You can use the removed rubber on your acrylic blocks by attaching the rubber with double sided tape. So nothing is lost. And in the long run, you've gained some space. That's how come the blocks are all different sizes. I like that look.

I then painted each block with a different color acrylic craft paint. After that, I used a water and walnut ink crystals wash. Just to antique the blocks a bit. Stamp your favorite stamps on one side with your favorite ink. Spray with a sealer and you are ready for the easiest step!

I used QuicKutz's large Cookie Cutter Diesel font and cut out all letters except the 't', or cross depending on how you look at it, from brown/silver metal craft sheet from Ten Seconds Studio. For the cross, I free handed a shape and cut it out. Then I used the Cuttlebug Floral Fantasy embossing folder (click here) and placed each letter in a different spot within the folder. I embossed one letter at a time. I think it makes each letter look very unique and it's hard to tell they all came from one embossing folder, don't you think? I ran the folder through my machine, I've heard you can also use a rolling pin if these embossing folders don't fit your die cutting machine. After the letter is embossed but still in the folder, sand with a soft sanding block. This removes the color from the raised embossed areas. Use a very sticky double sided tape to adhere the letters to the blocks. The word 'happy' is from a QuicKutz cookie cutter phrases set.

Be Creative!

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