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Sunday, April 12, 2009


We've been quite busy these last few days. Took a few days to revisit Santa Fe. I do so love that town. One lottery win and I'm there to stay! The first night there I could hardly sleep, I'd not had that many stimulating visions and ideas springing forth in forever. It was a fun trip besides fighting the wind all the way there on Thursday. And then leaving Santa Fe on Saturday amidst blizzard like conditions all the way to Santa Rosa... the time in between was wonderful.

A balcony with a long flower box.... fresh and dried mixed.

Seret and Sons, from the street. Great place for home decor items...

And this is Cafe Paris in Burro Alley. A super place for breakfast. Dining is possible inside and outside. I'd recommend outside only in warm weather!

Kristin's is a very innovative place to browse. She's located inside a "mini mall" on a street leaving the Plaza.

A closeup of some of the designer purses in the window. These two have some great lace around the flap.

And these purses have wonderful looped silk ribbon around the purse flaps. The fabric on these purses was wonderful, embroidered silk it appeared.

The Rooftop Cantina is one of our favorite places to hang out. Of course it's a warm weather place... It's part of the Coyote Cafe but sits on the roof top. Great margaritas and wonderful food!

Pasquale's!! So typical Santa Fe. I'd recommend eating at the community table. Large, centrally located and you share it with about 11 other diners. Great way to meet new friends.

A statue at the Capitol building. Yes Santa Fe is the capitol of New Mexico. It's also one of the oldest cities on this continent.

Another view of Seret and Sons... look at all the old pieces. Wow I think I could use lots of these... somewhere, I know I could make some room somewhere.

And so with this we bid farewell to another wonderful trip.
Other places of interest:
Los Mayas for great food,
Guadalupe Stamps for unique crafting supplies,
The Shop for one of a kind Christmas items,
Two home dec places around the square...
Guadalupino's for imported Talavera,
Jackalope for pots, garden decor and just stuff!
The Gilded Page for handmade paper,
The French pastry shop inside La Fonda hotel..mmmm,
the bar at the Hilton on the Plaza,

Be Creative!

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