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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

where I wish I was right now...

Santa Fe. New Mexico. I wish.

This is one of my most favorite pictures taken in Santa Fe. I just loved the old cart, the flowers, a glimpse of the blue window, and the dappled light just throws it into near perfection! I knew I wanted to see this on the wall, but not just framed.

1 artist canvas
Brick craft paint
Stiff paint brush
Black Metal from Ten Seconds Studio
QuicKutz Flirt and Stardust font dies
Embossing folder of your choice
Sanding brick
Gibberish lettering rub-on in black
Craft cross
Avocado craft paint
Distress Alcohol Inks: Silver, Butterscotch, Terra Cotta, Lettuce, Stonewashed
Alcohol ink applicator
Distress Walnut Stain Crackle paint
Black Basic Grey flourish rubon
Handmade white paper for the background
Black cardstock
"Journey" metal embellishment and 2 black brads

Using a stiff brush, paint the artist canvas without priming the piece. Watch your brush direction because this method will leave the painted areas with a striated affect. Always brush towards the edges, mitering the corners if you can. There is no need to paint the center of the canvas. Let dry.

Dampen the hand made paper with a small paint brush in the desired size to fit on the canvas. Tear the paper on the wet lines. This will leave your edges very rough and stringy looking. Adhere to the canvas with either glue dots or orange sticky tape.

Back your 5x7 photo with a piece of black cardstock cut 1/4" larger in width and length. Your photo will be framed with a 1/8" frame of black.

Paint your cross avocado green. Let dry. Layer several coatings of alcohol ink over the avocado green cross. Check out this link for a tutorial. Apply the flourish rub on when the inks are dry. Paint selected areas of the cross with the Distress Crackle Paint. The thicker you put it on the deeper the cracks will be.

Place all items on the white hand made paper as shown or as desired. Apply the gibberish rub on and then adhere the pieces. Adhere the individual pieces with glue dots. Wrap the bottom of the piece with the twine and tie the knot on the front of the piece.

Adhere the metallic embellishment were desired with orange adhesive tape. Poke a hole through the openings and push the brads through.

The lettering is super easy! Die cut the S and the F (or letters of your choice) using Stardust font and the black metal. Place the letters inside an embossing folder and emboss. Sand the raised edges of the letters. The lower case lettering is cut from Flirt font out of the black metal. Adhere with orange sticky tape.

Hang with pride and enjoy!

Be Creative!

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