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Monday, June 22, 2009

Creative Second Time Around

Wow, it's the first Creative Second Time Around. What a cool topic. How many of us have objects that we are about to toss that could find a new life with a bit of help? We moved last July and I still have this enormous black hole full of garage sale stuff. Too lazy to have the garage sale, I now find myself pulling items out on a steady basis. Lesson to self: have the garage sale soon after cleaning out.

Today's little dittie is a cutie. No I didn't think this one up. It's in a Bernina publication somewhere, can't remember which one or when it was published. Nonetheless, it's worth sharing. A lone tea cup and saucer - if you don't have one go visit a discount retailer, you'll surely find one there, remade into a pin cushion. This does make a great gift!Adhere the cup to the saucer with a really stout adhesive like E600 or Locktite. Let dry. Stuff some batting into the cup. Cut a fabric circle about twice in diameter of the top of the cup. Run a gathering stitch around the outside of the piece of fabric.

For this set - I embroidered an initial surrounded by a crest on red velvet. Use a water soluble stabilizer on top and a tear away stabilizer underneath for the best results. All machine embroidered, but you can substitute! Once the fabric is embellished, draw up the gathering stitches. Stuff the little poof with stuffing. Glue to the inside of the cup with the same super octane glue you used to adhere the cup to the saucer.

Then add a bit of lace, some buttons, some silk ribbon roses and leaves to the base.

If you don't have a cup and saucer, use a lone sugar bowl, an egg cup or any other container you find that needs a new life.

Enjoy and Be Creative!

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