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Sunday, June 21, 2009

a little explanation

~What once hung in a house keeping out the wind and rain now hangs on our back fence perched above a ledge and snuggled under the wisteria.

~What once held bottled water in Switzerland is now holding flowers for any occasion.

~What once held sugar on a "Cafe Tisch" in Germany, now holds a potted plant.

~However the coolest make-over is the darling stick horse. My friend Charlotte made this for my first granddaughter. 'Pony' lives with Oma at her house. She lives in the guest room and eats dust bunnies. Now that there is granddaughter number 2, Pony drinks out of a bottle and takes #2 on voyages of mysterious destinations around the yard. #1 is very gracious and allows #2 to play with what once were her things. Pony's previous life was a quilt - can you believe that? Isn't Charlotte the most clever person?

And with this - tomorrow is the first installment of Creatively the Second Time Around. Stay tuned! Don't forget to leave a comment on the Creative Paper Concepts post from this last week so that you can have a chance at winning a darling little hanger for which you can create your own special hanging!

Be Creative!

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