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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Creative Fiber Fabricatons - Ribbon fabric

Welcome to another installment of Creative Fiber Fabrications. This week I'll share with you how to make glorious fabric out of fabulous ribbons. I was going to divulge my favorite ribbon source , but to my dismay, Quilter's Resource is no longer. So I will have to spend a long day searching so I can replenish my supply! I could just cry. I'll save both the wails and the new sources for another post.

Ribbons can easily be sewn together to create fabric. If you have a steam iron, a sewing machine with a zigzag stitch, it won't take you long to create some luscious fabric. First off is a footstool I purchased at an auction refreshed with ribbon fabric.

Same ribbon, this time sewn into a runner for an antique radio and record player (it still works!).

The runner was finished off with some machine embroidered tassel trim on each end. In the close up you get a better look at the detail of each of these ribbons.
After you select the ribbons you want to use for your fabric, it's time to steam the ribbon. If you think this isn't important you will end up with an unruly, wavy piece that won't showcase your wonderful talents. With medium-high heat (depends on the fiber content of the ribbon) and high steam, press your ribbon until you see shrinkage. This small step will guarantee a smooth outcome later on.
Use a monofilament thread through the needle and a matching to fabric sewing thread in the bobbin in your sewing machine. Select a zigzag stitch just wide enough to catch the edge of each ribbon as you sew them together. On a Bernina, use your #10 edgestitch foot and guide one ribbon to the left of the guide and one ribbon to the right of the guide letting the zigzag stitch set at center needle position sew the two pieces together.

Monofilament thread is a clear thread available in either black or clear. Black is best used only on black items, not dark, it must be black. However the clear is very versatile and can be used inconspicuosly on most items. I happen to like YLI monofilament the best. It is soft and pliable and gives me no monofilament headaches when sewing.
These are just two things that ribbon made better. Finally a close up of the stool... don't you just love the scrollwork and roses? Of course if you live in a dust bowl, it takes a paint brush to clean it.

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