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Saturday, June 6, 2009

a little bit of this and that

Welcome, when we look in the window what there is there to see?

I was going to hang this on the back fence today, but never made it that far. :(

I love old windows, there is just so much you can do with them. I've got one that is being used as a picture frame. I used clear contact paper to adhere copies of pictures to the back of the glass so that they show through on the "front side". Is there really a wrong side to a window? I used to have one that filled a dead corner in our old house. It's a large blue window and I just haven't found a spot in this house for it. But fear not, it's safely put up in the "black hole" - so dubbed by husband because it seems that everything is in there. Garage to you and me.

And I cleaned today. Never got to digging in the still packed fabric in the garage. :(

Somewhere along the way today, I was mesmerized by the daylilies. They are blooming everywhere. It's sure a shame they only bloom for a day.

I created some art today. After which I had to clean the my room again! But it was worth it.
Finished up the June QuicKutz club. Stay tuned for a sneak peak on Tuesday. You'll want to go get some paper at DML for sure!

I started another little project. Pictures when it's done! This one is already very special to me. A gift from a friend. :)

So here are the ingredients for the project, started and finished in the wee hours of the morning. I hate not sleeping well anymore! But oh well, I have learned to enjoy the time. It's cool. It's quiet. And it's all mine!

Purchased a craft cross at the big box craft store. Painted it a neutral color, I think driftwood. I don't really worry because it will be covered up anyway. Once dry, dab dots of all the colors of the alcohol inks onto an alcohol ink applicator. All Ranger, all Tim Holtz. I used 4 layers of "dabbing". Between each layer, make sure you let the previous layer dry completely (30 secs?) before you add the next. This way you build layers of color and not a beautiful brown mud. Use the copper metallic sparingly as it will overtake the rest of the colors. A little dab will do ya.

Man, was it ever hard to take a picture of this! Sorry. If i put it under lights, it came out very orangy which it's not. Oh and if you enlarge, you will notice there are dabs of silver. That was a chance happening. The felt pad had a bit of silver on one end and with my last layer, I added the blue and green to the end that had the silver...

I am thinking that I might want to solder the edges of the piece to give it a more finished appearance. Just not today.

Once the inks were dry, I chose a stamp and black Stazon ink and stamped the cross very randomly.

Come back Tuesday for a sneak peak of the June QuicKutz club project... It's simply undescribeable!

Be Creative!

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