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Sunday, June 14, 2009

sorry sorry, it's been busy around here

So here is why I haven't had one moment of time to create! We had some of my husband's classmates over for tapas. So I decorated the patio and then I undecorated the patio and then I decorated the patio and then the guests arrived and then we undecorated the patio.

It was as if they let the Keystone Cops loose. Most of you aren't old enough to remember black and white TV let alone the Keystone Cops. Leave a comment if you remember and prove me wrong!

We did have a great time. Each person brought tapas to share. We had so much food. But did I take pictures of the food? No I can say that thought never even crossed my mind. But we had tamales, jalapeno poppers with shrimp, dessert pinwheels, deviled eggs topped with pico de gallo, crostini with mushroom toppers, sangria that was out of this world, I made some mozzarella balls/basil/tomato bites and there was so much more I can't even begin to list them all.

Both of the tables were full and the potting bench repurposed to a bar was filled with drink concotions to wet anyone's whistle.

When the wind started to pick up a bit I made the quickest tablecloth weights you can ever imagine. Nothing like washers attached to the tablecloths with safety pins. Put a 2-5 on each safety pin. Depends on size of your safety pins and the size of your washers. Instant problem solver. Of course I have some very cute ones...but haven't seen those since we moved last July. :(

The blue bench is another quick repurposed item! Thank you son for leaving me to take care of your skate box. If you have kids or grandchildren who've taken up skateboarding, then you might be familiar with this item. Last week, the box took on new life. I unscrewed the sides, sanded the top and painted the entire thing blue... instant extra seating. Children beware, if you leave things at Mom's, they are liable to not be in the same state as when you left them! Also painted an antique coffee table yellow for our grandchildren a while ago. They can pull up their chairs and eat in peace. Listening to them while they eat on their own is an absolute delight.

And here some are outside while the outside was still decorated......

And here some are inside after we undecorated the patio...

So now to the reason for all the "decorating". It's spring. I live in West Texas. Weather is subject to change. Although I was fortunate enough to miss the afternoon storm, we did get one in the evening. Water, hail, wind, lightning. The works!

It's not summer yet, so spring still has a right to roar every once in a while.

Be Creative!

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