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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chris✞mas in July - A decorated Table


You know it will be Chris✞mas before we know it. Look at the counter on the top right of the blog. Those days will be passing by very, very quickly. I mean, Fall is just around the corner, so Chris✞mas isn't that far behind. I know you've seen the Chris✞mas displays at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores. There were up July 5th!!!


Since Yvonne at Stone Gable is having a Chris✞mas in July party this week, I thought what a cute idea and I wanted to play along.. the linkup party isn't until Friday. You still have time to pull it together. I did have a cute summer table all done up and ready to post, but that would have just looked weird in the middle of this Chris✞mas week. See the tablecloth in the above photo.. I used that just last Sunday for our family dinner.


Clicking any of the source links under the photos will take you to the original blog post. Or you can just browse through and get some ideas for this year! Do you change up your table a little bit each year?


Sometimes we eat kind of formal....


and sometimes not! What do you prefer? Casual throughout the month and then only formal for Christmas? Or casual all the way through the month?


This was a new set up last year. Loved those nutcracker plates! Simply adding a new set of salad plates and a tablecloth will certainly spruce up the Chris✞mas china and give you a new, refreshed table setting.


Other than the colors, nothing on this table says Chris✞mas. Goes to show that if you use what you have, you can use it anytime with a seasonal color way!


Are you noticing some of the same dishes? I hope so. Although I am a Chris✞mas nut.. loving all things Chris✞mas, I certainly cannot afford new Chris✞mas dishes every year. Wait, I shouldn't be buying new Chris✞mas every year. Find a way to combine the pieces you have to create something new.


Pinterest is a very cool tool to organize all the pretty pictures you see on the web. Please respect the author's preference on 'pinning' though. I find a photo and use the 'pin' button and then select the board (think bulletin board) onto which you want to pin your photo. If you need an invite.. just leave me a message in your comment.

Elegant Christmas tablescape

Of course our fellow bloggers certainly know how to inspire us to set beautiful tables. There are just sooo many tables I see each week I would love to copy detail by detail. But you and I both know I can't go buying new dishes.. after all I made a resolution death sentence to not purchase any this year!! yeah I know. I know.. broken!!


This has got to be one of the most pinned tables on Pinterest. I see it everywhere. I think it came from Country Living? Someone correct, I'm sure I'm wrong. I just pinned it from a blog.


Once again a gorgeous table by a fellow blogger from California. Her style, her compilation of textures and patterns is always intriguing and just makes me want to go buy more stuff!!

Lenox - "Holiday Tartan"

I know I'll be using my new dishes this year. I've waited a very long time for these and now I finally have them. Albeit not quite so guilt free..You know I did make the resolution death sentence. What are your plans for your Chris✞mas table? Have you made any yet? Oooh, I'm dying to know what ideas you have!

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allisamazing said...

You have some beautiful tables! Great inspiration pictures :)

Tricia said...

Gorgeous post, Marlis! I had to click on your Winter Garden post -- I must have missed that back in 2010! I really love that centerpiece you used, as well as all the wonderful textures you incorporated. Thanks for all the extra ideas this week!

Entertaining Women said...

You "play well with others" better than I. Now you've tempted me to post a Christmas in July entry. Think that I'll ponder it some more...maybe reprise one. Some glorious eye candy. What is the pattern at the end with the fruit and ribbon? So gorgeous. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

Entertaining Women said...

Lenox Holiday Tartan...got it. I think that the salad might be a great mix with my Lenox Colonial Wreath plates collection. Hmmm. Cherry Kay

On Crooked Creek said...

Thanks for reminding us to look at what we already posess in a different and new way...re~inventing through creativity!!! Love that you showcased several bloggers in your post!

Mary said...

I love seeing a compilation of Christmas tables from you along with a few others mixed in! I think my favorite holiday table of yours is your Nutcrackers! happy Christmas in July :)

kitty said...

Marlis, what pretty tables you've shared. I'll have to remember some of these wonderful ideas. I love your new dishes at the end of your post.

PAT said...

Your Christmas tables are amazing Marlis.

I have been so out of the loop with all that is going on with the house,I missed Christmas in July!

Aledia said...

Gorgeous post!! I loved seeing all the pretty Christmas inspiration...Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful night!

Aledia @ Plum Perfect

Alycia Nichols said...

This is all just gorgeous, Marlis. I just can't bring myself to do a Christmas table right now. I tried to get in the mood, but I just couldn't. I would have to pull out a billion boxes to do it right, and I just didn't have it in me. :-( I love all of the examples you posted, and they are very inspiring. Maybe when the temps drop back under 100 degrees again (IF that's ever going to happen around here!), then I'll be in the right frame of mind! :-)

Tammy Partin Spangler said...


SavannahGranny said...

Marlis, You have made such beautiful tables. I will be coming back to pin most all of them.
We eat formal on Christmas and casual the rest of the time. I haven't made any plans for Christmas yet. We don't know where we are gonna be just yet.
Wow, is it really only 52 days, sure makes me nervous.
Thanks for your sweet visit.
Have a good evening.
xo Ginger

Dianne said...

I love that you reused so many of your dishes. I need to approach my dishes that way and try different combinations of what I already have. One thing I think I have learned is not to make promises that I can't keep about buying new dishes! Dianne

Sarah said...

Marlis, each one is both festive and elegant. I like the idea of adding salad plates for a touch of the holiday. And I'm definitely a fan of plaid!

suzyq said...

Just beautiful, as usual!! I really love the photo of the wonderful napkins. Is that three layers (red, green, gold) or is it one napkin with wonderful trims? I must admit I'm feeling a little panicky when you tell me how close Christmas is. EEK!

Elaine said...

Just beautiful, Marlis! Truly inspiring. The dishes in the last photo are downright gorgeous, and I can't wait to see them in a tablescape.

Kathleen said...

Ho, ho ho, Marlis! Lovely inspiration tables!
I am sure The Tablescaper will be happy to see hers in the mix!
I am recouperating from an 11 hour shopping trip with her yesterday! I had to recoup today!
I look fwd to seeing your Tartan in a scape. I have it too, but not a complete set.
Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

Gina said...

Oh my goodness, you have had some beautiful Christmas tables in the past! Each of them so different from one another.

Marigene said...

So many festive tables...and Christmas is creeping up quite fast!

Maria said...

I'm thinking poinsettias . . .

xinex said...

There is just so much inspiration in this post, Marlis. It is definitely making me excited for Christmas. I have a new big set of Lenox Christmas dishes, the ones with birds ( can't remember the pattern name, "Christmas Greetings, maybe?) Maybe I'll use them this year and i can get lots of ideas from this post...Christine


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