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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Destination Santa Fe Tablescape

Cuisine Kathleen had a wonderful idea.. a destination tablescape. So you know, I was playing along. And the thinking cap went on... where to go? I had taken you to Germany (HERE) at Christmas time. We visited Mexico HERE.  And we had French moules HERE. Now that I think about it, we could have visited Kiev, St. Moritz, Santa Barbara, Lisbon, Nice or the Black Forest. But.. I took you to the place I hope to retire - soon!! One can dream, right?

Can you see the turquoise, the silver and the adobe? So where are we? Santa Fe, NM. I love that place.

Santa Fe is in my blood and under my skin like no other city. The City Different. Casual yet refined. Elegant and rustic. Mountains and desert. Old, with history. Art-sy. I may have left my heart in San Fransisco, been sleepless in Seattle, made it in New York, fell in love in Paris in the springtime, and baked under the Tuscan sun. But. Santa Fe speaks to my soul, nourishes my being and I'm riding with  Jon Bon Jovi  back to Santa Fe.

In Santa Fe, you could be dining on starch white linens or on well-worn rustic tables.

Glasses for your favorite agave libation always at hand.

Hand made works abound.

Where turquoise is king,

textures reign supreme,

and silver reflects the beauty of the skies and is an adornment le sans-faute or should I say algo impecable.

Because our dinner plates are glass, the beauty of the placemat can be seen while dining.

 Loving the new glass plates also used HERE with the silver and adobe colored napkins. I could have easily reused the white salad plates and the turquoise napkins on this tablescape, too. But, I wanted the rustic quality the adobe and rust bring to the table.

Large etched glass hurricanes encase the candles. These would be perfect for the patio as our gentle (ha ha) breezes can't blow out the candles. I also use them on the buffet when serving food as they keep sleeves, hands, and hair away from the live flame.

Santa Fe has an arid climate. So what better to highlight that tidbit than some succulents. I have hidden them from water. Resisting the urge to nourish them because I can have them looking like the leaning tower of Pisa in a couple of weeks!

Bunches of succulents in two bowls. Guess what those turquoise containers are?

Can you believe I put the succulents in my silver Revere bowls? Yep, Lined them with coffee filters first!

Have you figured out the turq glass containers yet?

I hope you'll stay. I am thinking Posole and green chile enchiladas. Are you game?

Things are simple in Santa Fe. Less is More. Effective pieces, selectively chosen.

I guess each heavenly spot has days with overcast skies...

I caught a few rays for about 30 seconds.. Just for you!

Placemats - Pier One
Dinner Plates - TJMaxx, Artistic Accents
Bowls - Pier One
Flatware - Wallace Silversmiths
Napkins - old
Napkin rings - designed and made by moi, tut HERE
Margarita glasses - World Market
Hurricanes - Pottery Barn
Silver candle holders and Revere bowls - old

One more tip: I dropped turquoise stones into the napkin rings in the center of the metal flower. I didn't use glue so that I can remove them as needed.

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I hope you'll join me there.
And if you have stayed with me this long.. then here's the answer to the turquoise glass containers: they are old timey glass insulators that used be found on your electric poles. .


allisamazing said...

Love the colors in your tablescape!

Tricia said...

Wow, Marlis, so many wonderful things to comment on in this tablescape! I love the turquoise-with-adobe-red color scheme, and those placemats are fabulous! The centerpiece of succulents is unusual and wonderfully interesting. Clever trick with the napkin rings -- they look great! I also love Santa Fe -- haven't been in about three years now, so time to plan a trip!

Sarah said...

Marlis, you know I'm loving this tablescape as a tribute to one of my favorite spots. You have all the ingredients for a gorgeous Santa Fe inspired table. Those placemats are the perfect base for the glass plates. Clever idea to add the turquoise stone to the napkin rings and of course the Wallace flatware is just the thing for a Santa Fe table. Love, love, love this combo of colors. I think that's what keeps me going back to Santa Fe frequently ~ the wonderful colors and textures that greet one at every turn.
Thanks for this little escape to one of my favorite destinations........Sarah

Alycia Nichols said...

Electrical covers? Are you kidding me??? I never noticed them way up there in the air, but great salvage pieces!!! Wow....that's super creative! This is an all-round beautiful, soothing table. The colors are muted and so earthy...makes me think of just exactly where it depicts! New Mexico has so much to offer in the way of beautiful color and texture and just being in touch with the earth. It's beautiful! Speaking of beautiful....JON BON JOVI!!!!! I would go to Santa Fe or anywhere else on earth with him!!! I just think he's gotten cuter as he's gotten older! (As opposed to poor Richie Sambora who just slid straight downhill.) What size are your Revere bowls? I have hard plastic Revere bowl liners, and I think I have a few extra that I'd be happy to send to you. The arrangements you did in the bowls are so cool!!! The silver brings a bit of the silver mining done in that state to the table and is also a great natural element. LOVE those placemats, too!!!!!! Muy bien hecho, mi amiga!!!!

A Cottage in the Clouds said...

Beautifully photographed and beautifully written - you made me want to go there. The table is gorgeous - elegant yet rustic. Love the color combination and the succulents were the perfect touch.

The Tablescaper said...


I love this table. It's so full of color and texture and fun things. Your story is delightful. It sounds like the perfect place for you.

- The Tablescaper

Barbara F. said...

I so want to visit the Southwest one day, especially Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Your table is beautiful and you really captured the flavor of the state. You make it sound so inviting. xo

xinex said...

Hi Marlis! I know xactly what you men about Sta. Fe. I have only been there once but I just love it. What's not to love, right? I love the adobe houses with their cozy fireplaces and the shops are wonderful. Your tablescape is lovely, beautiful succulents and so perfect for this table and so are the turquoise dishes....Christine

Mary said...

Oh I so want to go to Santa Fe after seeing your table this week and Sarah's last week! I LOVE the beauty of the placemats shining through the glass plates! Genius idea & touch to place a removable turquoise stone in your napkin rings!!

Bonnie said...

It 's a A++ Marlis! Everything is well done and so cleverly written. Perfect combinations.

On Crooked Creek said...

Elegantly scaped, dear friend!I have always loved turquoise and silver...the added hue of coral is stunning! Insulators done with elegance...who would have thought! Lovely, inviting, cool hued tablescape...South of the border...well, almost!!!

kitty said...

Thanks for taking me along to your favorite spot, Marlis. I've never been to Santa Fe, but sure hope I can one day. Your table with all the textures, colors and succulents is just beautiful.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

This is all so lovely, and unique! Great job!

I hope you get to retire in Santa Fe!


Meredith said...

I've been to Santa Fe and can totally see why you love it. Your table is a beautiful portrayal of it. Love the mix if turquoise and adobe reds.

Entertaining Women said...

Serene and gorgeous. May I come visit when you move to Santa Fe. I could live at the Finn Gallery. Cherry Kay

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Beautiful and creative! I've never been to Santa Fe but these colors makes me want to go!

Aledia said...

Beautiful!! I love the colors and those napkin rings are just gorgeous!! Your tablescape will probably be as close as I get to Santa Fe lol...

Have a wonderful night!
Aledia @ Plum Perfect

Lesley said...

Wonderful....even your chairs lend to the feel of the tablescape!

suzyq said...

Wow, those silver placemats are just beautiful. Gorgeous colours in your table... it has all come together so beautifully.

Debbie said...

I have never been to that part of the country, and I have always wanted to. The art forms and colors associated with it have always been so beautiful to me.

I love the the turquoise and adobe against the rustic wood. It looks just like I picture Sante Fe to be.

The napkins rings are my favorite item on the table, though. They're just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful and really evokes that Southwest feel!

Denise said...

Hi Marlis,

Once again, you've done a very creative table. I've never been to Santa Fe, or anywhere in New Mexico at all; but I've read about it, and it definitely sounds neat.

I think the rustic feel of this table is very relaxing. And Marlis, I LOVE those turquoise bowls!! I just realized, I don't have anything turquoise; I might have to go shopping. :) Hubby's going to kill me as we just spent a bunch on a new kitchen. I think the adobe napkins look perfect with your turquoise dishes, and the napkin rings are great. Your succulents make the perfect centerpiece for a Santa Fe table.

Thanks for taking us along on your travels, and I hope you have a great weekend.

Denise at Forest Manor

Chubby Chieque said...

Graciousness Marlis dear,

U make me drool all the turqouise treasures you have. I am in my turqouise phase now and I would do anything to have more turqouise like you have. Grrr... enviousness!

Happy TS & GB to you & your fam,


Anonymous said...


Those placemats are sharp. Love the style of this table. Love the turquoise touch.

Dawna said...

Marlis, once again your table amazes and excites me. The colors, the textures bring back memories of Santa Fe and the creativity to be found there. Dawna

Dianne said...

I too love Santa Fe or anywhere in the West where you can actually see the land. Your table perfectly captures the beautiful colors of NM. I especially love your placemats. Well done! Dianne


Oh dear Marlis, I'm lovinmg your Santa Fe destination, wish I went with you, but at least I can drool over it with your gorgeous table, I totally love this amazing table my friend, you always outdo yourself everytime! The turquoise treasure collection is stunning. I would also love to go to Germany with you too!

Monica @ Texas Fiesta Ware Fan said...

LOVE your table!! The colors, place mats and the hurricanes are my favorites. The turquoise containers look like the electrical tops that I see at antique shops all the time. I don't know the technical name.

Cathy said...

You really caught the Santa Fe style, Haven't been in a while but always enjoyed ther visit there.


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