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Friday, July 27, 2012

Christmas Favorites - Christmas in July

Today, the last day of the Christmas in July week, I want to share some of my Christmas favorites with you.
And to start off, these lovely velvet, satin, lace and wax-faced angels from Germany. I am not sure of their age, but I do know they are O.L.D. They belonged to by grandmother and I can remember them from so very long ago. 

This sweet one might just be my favorite..

Schwibbogen are also on the top of my list. They are curved pieces of wood that were traditionally illuminated with candles. However since the invention of electricity, you most find them with electric Christmas lights now. I just love this one withe the nativity scene.

Of course there are favorite ornaments. I think these are them right now. I've added to the collection since this picture was taken, so the tree is much fuller. Still wanting a wonderful black Indian vessel to set the tree in, but the joy is in the collecting -right? Jil Gurulé created these fabulous pieces.

And nothing makes me any happier than be surrounded by family. 

And then let's not forget this year's favorite china pattern.. Lenox Holiday Tartan....

What are your favorites? I hope you enjoyed the week and came away with some ideas for your Christmas!



Everything is beautiful in your July C'mas. I love the card and picture tree, so nice for displaying it all season. The dishes are gorgeous with that tabletopper. Great inspiration for my 2012. Of course, the German angels are the best, German ornies are always the most beautiful, I have only few. Have a great weekend Marlis.

On Crooked Creek said...

These are the type of Christmas decorations I cherish most! I have a few "heirloom" and those from my childhood that have places of honor in our decor each year!!! Already in the inital planning mode for we host Christmas On Crooked Creek this year...and a few sketches drawn out for vignettes!!! I'll do my decorating E A R L Y...then I can sit back and enjoy the Reason for the Season!!!


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