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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Can You Believe - August is almost here!!!

Really, can you believe it? Me either. At the beginning of July, I was dreading the hot weather. It's not much cooler, but with August, the nights get longer AND start getting cooler! I rejoice. And that means September is not too far away. I know I'm rushing the seasons again.. so sorry, but I am NOT a fan of HOT.

Probably our patio will be enjoyable again.

That means fishing the cooler waters in September will be right around the corner.

And a trip to Santa Fe is in the works.

So until the weather is more agreeable, and the new show season starts, I'll be in front of the tele watching football(aka soccer), gymnastics, equestrian events, tennis, and volleyball!


On Crooked Creek said...

You and Regan move over...I'' be right there to join you!!!I'm so~o~o ready for September,cooler weather and our Annual Trout Fishing Trip!!! Enough is enough!!! Trying now to cool off from kitchen cleaning...taking a bloggy break! Your patio looks inviting...enjoy as soon as it gets cooler, dear friend!!!

Sarah said...

No, but I'm ready for the cooler days of autumn. This summer hasn't been bad compared to last summer, but I prefer the fall, winter, spring months.

Designs By Pinky said...

I mam about to go out on the deck with joe and have a drink of something COOL. It is still too hot for me but I want to join him. I can't wait for cooler weather too!!!!!


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