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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chris✞mas in July - Card Keeper

Are you a card keeper?- this is a repost of an earlier post (12/17/11), thought you might enjoy and thus be able to plan ahead. Yvonne at Stone Gable is having a Christmas in July week - I thought I'd play along some.

What do you do with your Chris✞mas cards?
You could use them from which to cut next year's tags.
You could frame your favorites.
Or you could create a sweet "album" for the cards.
My dear friend Stacy designed both of these books.
The hold the cards for the year. 
And anything else that happened that holiday season.
The inside cover is a wonderful place to adhere the labels and addresses
from "new friends"
or friends.. (each album is different)
One ends with family labels (I didn't keep a lot of them that year)
I also bind in a card that we sent out that year, this is one I made.
It's great to add pockets for photos...
or pockets for newsy letters...

I like adding stamps to the dividers, too. On the left you can see how a photo was adhered to a strip of cardstock so that when it's bound the picture isn't disfigured.
I even save a section for our anniversary cards (it's at the end of the month).
So where do you put your cards? 
In a box?
In the trash?
Do you recycle and make something fun from them?



Tricia said...

I love this idea! I always hate just throwing out the pretty cards and especially the newsy notes and photos, but I don't want to keep everything, either. It would also be great to pull out before sending the next year's cards, so you could comment on any news friends sent the previous year.

Barbara F. said...

This is beautiful, Marlis. I think I am going to start a scrapbook. I do save them, especially photos, but after a few years I, ahem, put them in the 'circular file'. My bad. Thanks for this bit of inspiration! xo


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