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Monday, July 2, 2012

Baseball, hot dogs and apple pie - a classic table for the fourth

What are you doing to celebrate the fourth?

I doubt we'll be getting outside - at all. Really, there is no doubt involved. We won't be getting outside. Not here in Lubbock. I am not a fan of sweating "glowing".

I am however sure, that baseball will be involved. What? You say it's played outside? Sure, that is true.. but I do believe that the magic of television will allow me to watch those 9 men chase that ball around in the cool comfort - inside! My beloved Yankees play at 3:10 in Florida and Mr. CJ's Rangers play in my favorite city of Chicago at 7.

 And then there will probably be hot dogs involved. Keeping with the feel of baseball....

Of course served in something cute - that is a given.

For that something delectable to go with those dogs!

Sweet potato fries, one hot dog, your choice of whole wheat or white buns. No need for cutlery, but always a need for a bit of added spice - for some folks. Did you see that little bottle of Tabasco?

How do you like your dogs? Chicago style? New York style? simple? with chili? with cheese?

Have you ever tried sweet potato fries? OOh their yummy sweetness is just sooo good.

And here's my tip: Fill a shaker with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. It's the perfect topping for those fries. Hey, we aren't counting calories today are we?

Tablecloth - made by myself
Baskets - Dollar Tree
Gingham liners - Bernina Express, Switzerland
Fry cones and liners - World Market
Expensive Crystal - Dollar Store
Pitcher - One Kings Lane
Pitcher Contents - Dollar Tree

 the apple pie... well it's coming up so stay tuned!!!

 I hope you stay cool, have fun and enjoy the day celebrating the birth of our nation. Happy Fourth of July. Depending on which parties are linking this week... I'll be there!
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Denise said...

Hi Marlis,

What a wonderful table for the Fourth! I love all your pretty gingham. Red, white and blue has to be the most cheerful color combination ever for summer.

Your baskets and fry cones are so cute; I have to try and find some of those. Yes, baseball "indoors" is a good idea right now; technology is a wonderful thing, no? We always watch the Tour De France every summer (cycling also done outdoors :) ). While I'd love to visit France someday, that scenery is still lovely, and much cooler, on the big screen TV.

I love your July 4th tablescape, Marlis. I haven't visited in so long; it's really nice to stop by your blog! Have a great Fourth of July!


Denise at Forest Manor

Tricia said...

I'm with you on the joys of INSIDE during our hot Texas summers. Luckily, my husband loves to grill no matter how hot it is, so I'm sure we'll have something tasty for the Fourth. Your sweet potato fries look (and sound) wonderful, and I'm always up for a hot dog!

Barbara F. said...

This is my kind of July 4th meal, Marlis. I thought you lived in New Mexico, for some reason. You surprised me by being a Yankees fan.
^o^ Have a wonderful 4th. xo

Alycia Nichols said...

Yankees? Yankees??? Are you kiddin' me??!??! Yankees?!??!!! Oh, this is war! War, I tell you! :-) I can remember when the Kansas City Royals would play the Yankees and it was always a huge, huge rivalry. I would make sure I was at the home games so that I could boo the Yanks. I haven't been a baseball fan for a long time now, but I guess old habits die hard. But, the YANKEES??!?!! Really? Oh, Marlis! C'mon! C'mon!!! :-) :-) :-) OK, now that I'm done being silly, on to your fun 'scape: Perfect for the 4th indoors or out! I don't blame you for not wanting to get out in this stifling heat, so this set-up will work like a charm in front of the TV with the AC going full blast! The cones for the fries are cool! I am now hungry for a hotdog...but no chance of getting one anytime soon. Can't wait for Wednesday to roll around!!! I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday. Take care....Yankee lover! ;-)

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Love your fun red, white and blue setting Marlis! A hot dog and baseball (in the A/C) does sound like fun-Happy 4th of July-enjoy:@)

Babs said...

Perfectly patriotic tablescape, Marlis. I saw the FF liners and holders at World Market. Now you've got me thinking I'll go back and get some. I LOVE sweet potato fries, but didn't think to use cinnamon and sugar...yum! Happy 4th.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

How fun and festive your table is. Gingham checks just say party to me. Those frys look pretty yummy to me. The sugar and cinnamon shaker was a surprise. I've never had them that way. Our days seem to be taking a turn for the downright balmy! Maybe some will blow over your way! Happy 4th!

Linda said...

Lovely table Marlis. The baskets are darling. My table is also featuring a French fry cone. Love sweet potato Frys. The gingham is perfect. Happy 4th.

Leslie's Garden said...

Cute and fun! I'm a big hot dog fan, would have loved to of had it served in such a fabulous way!

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Marlis, I love your table and especially the centerpiece with all those flags flying! I'll take my hotdog grilled until it is black and peeling, on a toasted bun with sauerkraut. If there is no sauerkraut, then ketchup and relish on top! How did you become a Yankees fan, Marlis? Did you live up here? They are my team too--I spent many summer nights of my childhood listening to them on the radio, sitting outside with my Dad, looking at the stars, listening to Phil Rizzuto and talking to my Dad about life. I miss him, and I'll always love the Yankees for him! Happy 4th week--hope you can stay cool down there. Linda

Olive Cooper said...

Great flag display. Hope you enjoyed the game:} We have been outside, after dark watching fireworks in our neighborhood in our pj's. Visiting From Let's Dish, Olive

Meredith said...

I love those baskets...I should have bought them a month ago when I saw them at Dollar Tree too!

kitty said...

That sounds like a perfect 4th to me! I love chili cheese hotdogs and I'm with you ..... I LOVE sweet potato fries!!

Style Sisters said...

This is so adorable! I love the doily with the hot dogs for a feminine look!! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday party on my blog and share your ideas!

Sarah said...

Fun and festive for the 4th! I had sweet potato fries with a hamburger yesterday. ;-)

CJ Foss said...


Great job with your festive July 4th table. Love all the flags and red, white, and blue touches, but I am totally envious of those fry holders, so off to World Market I go! Thanks for inspiring. Happy Summer. ~CJ

Mary said...

Marlis~ I don't follow baseball but we are big hot dog and apple pie fans :) No July 4th celebration is complete without hot dogs~ I like mine blackened on the grill and Carolina style topped with chili and slaw! We are big fans of sweet potato fries too~ I need some of those fun cones for serving! Love your combination of checks and fun baskets! It is WAY too hot here to be outdoors. Hope your Yankees won :)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Marlis, I love your summery tablescape. And I LOVE hotdogs!!! Those paper liners are adorable for the sweet potato fries! I'll take my dog with just a little mustard!
Thanks for joining Tutorials Tips and Tidbits, friend!

xinex said...

This is making me want to have a picnic, Marlis. Looks so good...Christine

Anonymous said...

Would you believe that right here in Maine we went to a very southern bar-b-que on the 4th? The folks who hosted are from South Carolina and actually brought a crew up to prepare the food, complete with a orated pig. Knowing how hot it is in west Texas, I won't tell you about the weather here. As always, your table is just right.

Kathleen said...

It was hot here too, even on the Bay! Seriously, sweaty sweaty!
Love your table, very festive! I have to find some interesting paper for my fry cones, mine are boring!
We got some relief from the heat today, hope you did too!
Thanks for linking to Let's Dish, Marlis!


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