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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Day 4 - Picture-frame candle frame

Four picture frames. Purchase 4 glass pieces to fit (you'll have 8 total). 4 embroidered pieces on sheer fabric (or substitute vintage pieces as desired). 8 hinges. 1 candle.
Attach hinges to inside of frame as shown.
Sandwich desired embroidery or vintage fabric between 2 pieces of glass for each side. Use a wooden toothpick to hold the glass in place. You'll need this so that the glass doesn't fall out since you won't be using the back.
Have fun and Be Creative!!

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CG said...

Neat project~ Charlotte

Caroline said...

Such a beautiful, clean look! The simplicity makes it just perfect.

Bobbie said...

Your embroidery work is always beautiful. What a unique way to show it off.

TAMMY said...



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