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Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Day 5 - Serger log cabin table cloth

For this project, please click here for detailed instructions in a .pdf file. Make sure you have adobe reader on your computer. You can make this in a weekend on a serger! And yes it's perfectly legal to use a serger when you quilt.
The serger created a beautiful rolled edge....
and the back is completely "clean" with no loose threads or any need of a backing fabric!
Log cabin quilts either have a yellow or red block in the center. Story is that the center block represents either the light in the window or the hearth of the home. I made sure each piece had a touch of red.
The log cabin block lends itself to perfectly to this technique!
One weekend and you have the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!

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Caroline said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I would give anything if I had the gift of being able to sew and quilt. I have asked for a new sewing machine for Christmas because I want to try a couple of projects! Keep the inspiration coming!!!

Bobbie said...

Very neat. I love quilts and the stories behind the patterns. My favs are still hand sewn like my grandmother made, but who has that much time. I guess it won't be me.

TAMMY said...



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