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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas Countdown - Day 2 - embroidered table cloth with ribbon

OOh I wish you could see the green on this table cloth.. it's exquisite, camera just plays games some times. The table cloth was purchased, the ribbon trim was sewn onto the top edge.
Miter the corners of the ribbon to give a nice finished look. Then the embroidery was executed using a Bernina artista 200 and the Tassels and Trims embroidery collection.
Some of the embroidery stitches create mini tassels when the specified thread is clipped. Some of the embroideries even create mini windows in the table cloth such as the one above.
During the Christmas season, I usually place a pot of poinsettias as the center piece.
The two tracks you see are created using a wing needle.

You still have time to complete this piece before the holidays.

Be Creative!


Bobbie said...

Beautiful table cover. Poinsettias will complete the look for sure.

Caroline said...

Beautiful and so elegant!

TAMMY said...



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