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Friday, November 6, 2009

Peppermint - refreshing!

My Candy Land

In my dream,

all the ice cubes were big chunks

of chocolate chips.

And the stars were yellow starbursts.

The stars were yellow starbursts.

I came to a forest with a peppermint

tea lake,

And pretzel trees,

with green icing for the leaves.

I then came to a meadow of sugar canes.

Then a Jell-o wolf jumped out!

He didn't bite me.

If he did it wouldn't hurt.

Then a little, blue, lollipop bird

came to ME!

He told me to look up to the sky.

I did and saw marshmallow clouds.

I did and saw marshmallow clouds.

The two lollipop birds took me

up to the blue, Laffy-Taffy sky,

and sat me on one of the marshmallow clouds.

Then I heard a scream!

Then I heard a scream!

It was my brother waking me up for



By: Timothy

And so we come to the end of the QuicKutz preview of mini albums from Santa's Workshop. I hope these inspired you to pick up your gift set...Stay tuned tomorrow for one more mini album - Gingerbread :-)

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And for the sewers, check this link out! You will be blown away by the creativity on Sarah Vedeler's blog! Now if you don't have the version 6 software yet, close your eyes, you will be tempted to take the plunge...

Be Creative!


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