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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gilded Tapestry - a tablescape Tablescape

A gilded tapestry

It started with the tapestry. Made these to mimic some I saw in Santa Fe. Quite simple: Buy the fabric. Cut the fabric. Sew a tiny zigzag stitch around all sides about 1/4" inside the raw edge. Fray the edge.

First layer of gild: a charger backed in gold.

A white dinner plate.

The second layer of gild: a salad plate undercoated in gold.

A beautiful stack. Damask napkins in wooden napkin rings.

A crystal basket for the centerpiece.

Spider mums and some fitzer branches off of the shrubs outside.

A favorite that just seems to fit the season - rosewood handled brass flatware.

Mikasa water goblet with a golden hued wine goblet,
Create a gilded tapestry on which the setting sun works its magic.

Large chargers - I've seen these at Pier One too, Tuesday Morning
Wedgwood Windsor dinner plate
Gold backed salad plates of unknown (can't remember) origin a decade ago
Rosewood handled brass flatware - gift from Mom
Mikasa Parklane water goblets
Golden water goblets - Stein Mart
Candlesticks - TJMaxx recent purchase
Damask napkins - family heirlooms
Tapestry fabric - Hobby Lobby
Wood and brass napkin rings - Stein Mart

I'm extremely thankful you dropping in today, I can't wait to read your comment.
I'm incredibly thankful for the sun that shines, for the rain that falls, for the snow that blankets, for the leaves that need to be raked!

I'm joining the hostess with the mostest - Susan and her eye-candy rich Tablescaping Thursday party. Be sure to take some time and go see all the beautiful table settings awaiting your perusal. See you there!!!


Kuby said...

Wow, really elegant! I love the place mats. Just a tiny zig-zag you say... are those brocade? They're beautiful.

Marlis said...

Thanks Kuby... the fabric is a chenille, woven tapestry type.. We saw this "made in Italy especially for a vendor in Santa Fe art show" and I just nodded my head, came home and headed to Hobby Lobby for the exact piece. Cut along the thread lines, sew about 1/4 inside the cut edge and then fray... and then you too can have some 22.00 a piece placemats.. for about 1/6 the price!

Holly said...

So pretty - elegant yet inviting. Love the richness of the colors.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I love the tall tapered candles. I've never seen any that tall over in England but I want some and I want some now!


xinex said...

Your tablescape is so pretty, so luxurious and so elegant!...Christine

Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

Marlis, what a stunning centerpiece -- and you make it sound so easy! The fabric you've used is gorgeous, and it's perfect with all your warm golds and browns. Love it!

Debbie said...

I just could not scroll slowly enough to take in the details of this table. I really liked the way it all came together. (Just like a tapestry!) The layers of white between the gilded pieces were perfect.

It had a rustic yet very formal feel, almost like you would see it in a castle or something. I really think this one is lovely!

And I would LOVE to have some flatware like that. It's my favorite part.

Shelia said...

Oh, your table setting is fabulous! Your centerpiece is gorgeous! The fabric - ooh la la! Everything is just perfect.
Thank you for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

What a beautiful table Marlis! I love everything from the fabric to the gilded plates the to great centerpiece-enjoy:@)

Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said...

Beautiful and very elegant Marlis! The chargers are fantastic!

Barbara said...

What a pretty table. Everything is so elegant and rich feeling. I just love each and every detail.

Mimi said...

Marlis, what an elegant table...I love the photo with the sun shining in on a portion of the table...really outstanding shot. The tablerunner and napkins are gorgeous, so rich looking.

Carolyn said...

It is a very elegant tablescape!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What an absolutely perfect table setting you have created just in time for the holidays. I just love all of the different textures. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Entertaining Women said...

This is one beautiful tablescape. It has the expected weight of a Fall table, yet is carries a delicacy about it at the same time. So well done! Thank you for sharing your charming design and for stopping by my post. Come visit any time. Cherry Kay

Anonymous said...

Aren't you the clever one to create your own tapestry and that without weaving! Love it.

Kathleen said...

Marlis, it looks beautiful! What a great idea!
Happy Tgiving!

Alycia Nichols said...

You make it sound easy, but I'm sure I'd mess it up somehow! Putting a needle and thread in my hands is like inviting the Armaggedon!!! You did a great job! I hope you and your family enjoy a great Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet comments. Your table is lovely.

Debbie said...

Marlis, the fabric you located at Hobby Lobby is gorgeous! Good for you making your own for 1/6 of the price. I might have to get to Hobby Lobby tomorrow ;o) Hobby Lobby just opened in our area about 3 months ago. Love your warm golds and browns. The centerpiece is beautiful too!

emptynester3 said...

Love the richness of your table and the colors! Thanks also for your visit and kind words Love, ~Nana~

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

So elegant! Just gorgeous!! Sorry to be late with my reply, we've had company since Friday!



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