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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still counting pennies.. but

Still counting my pennies but...

~~~the external backup drive has failed but I think the hard drive is fine, just not getting any power.

Glittering Friends Graphicl

~~~our dearest friend had to go have angioplasty today but the results are good.

~~~spent the day at the hospital so no blog entry is done but our friend is fine.

~~~it's lightning but the bad weather is to the east of us.

~~~children are children but they are fine.

~~~work isn't going so well but I have work.

~~~magazine subscription is awol but I kept all the necessary data.
(hey, don't panic, it's for one of the onery children)

~~~the weekend isn't going to be long enough but I will get at least one thing done.

~~~my spring clothes shrank in the closet but the stores have more.

~~~the fuel gauge was on E but I didn't run out of gas.

~~~I am feeling my age but I am alive.

~~~my sisters in law are in Israel and I am here but I can text them everyday.

~~~so there is no fun blog entry today but I have the weekend to make next week fun!

No apologies, no excuses.. It's just life.

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