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Friday, April 30, 2010

Farewell dear Pallas

A dear colleague is moving from Texas to Pittsburgh, PA. Today is her last day of work. I am really going to miss her gentle way, kind heart, award winning smile and her kindness. She's just really a great person and I have been blessed to get to know her.
I was in a stumped as to what I could do for her. How could I give her something to take with her that would remind her of what once was her home.
And then it dawned on me! Put some pictures in a book! How easy is this. Well the external harddrive is not getting any power (but the data is fine, I just can't get to it right now). So I searched my cd's high and low, a few web searches (ooh i'm soo sorry I took your best shots) and finally I had photos I wanted to use.
I made sure that most of them had writing room on them, so that fellow colleagues could sign the book.
I even took pictures of her favorite eating establishments. I hope she has as much joy in this little gift as I did in making it for her.

Oh the book is easy. Print your pictures in the appropriate size for the book binding you have purchased. then insert the pages into the spine of the book. Set all onto a warming apparatus and wait for the light to go from red to green! Really that's it. The warming apparatus heats the adhesive in the spine. The adhesive melts into the pages so the the whole thing takes on a very professional feel!

I wish you well Pallas. I shall miss you. Have fun in Pittsburgh!

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