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Monday, April 19, 2010

How do you organize?

How do you put away all your "stuff"? Today, I'm showing you how I have some of my craft items stored. Some are conventional, some very unconventional. One thing is for sure, this has shown me that I need to purge. I love these clear shoe bags for holding ribbons, I can use one shoe holder for each color. Usually it's a wee bit neater than this, but as you can see, the ribbons are easily accessible. I open the closet door and pull just the piece I need. Shoe holders from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
This is an antique thread cabinet that came from my Godmother, to my mother to me. My mom had sewing "stuff" in it. I repurposed this cabinet to house scrapbooking brads, eyelets and other small items. Cabinet: Ackermann threads.
Each drawer is divided, can you believe it came this way?
...and is perfect for all that little stuff.
I'd show you the desk portion, but I would die from embarrassment. Momentarily, it's a wreck. These are styrofoam packaging pieces. Can you believe this? They stack perfectly and house my most used stamps, stickles, glitter, embossing powders, specialty glues, alcohol inks, and the best part: I can pin things into the shelves!
These Iris carts from the office supply store are stashed in two hall cabinets, 2 small ones like these ....and two larger ones such as these.
They house specialty threads
EZ Glitz swarovski crystals and the designated heat tool.
Sewing machine needles.
Scissors and rotary cutters.
The lower shelf holds paper in the plastic sleeves and then some just shoved in between. The pink notebook is my storage system for QK Alphabets. The middle shelf holds specialty papers, QuicKutz mini tins for the 2x2 alphas and mini alphabets. I used all these Bernina notebooks to house the remainder of the QuicKutz shape dies and one has the Tim Holtz stamps inside. ;-) The top shelf has some books and specialty and photo printer papers.
And one of my favorite tools I use for organizing project pieces and other smaller items by groups are my "free" - recycled - lettuce containers. They are clear, stack well, and they are my little bit of recycling!

Hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my mess. I hope it gives you some ideas. How do you store your "stuff"?


CG said...

I would be beyond embarrassed to put up pictures of mine. I do have the shoe storage bags for some of my ribbons too. The rest are in drawers and boxes by color. Really need to get rid of some of it.....one day!

the gypsy magpie said...

You showed some very clever (and totally unique) ways to organize... I have to say, my very favorite is the lettuce containers! And to think, I just pop them into my recycle bin. Well, no more!!! Thanks for sharing these ideas-

Jacqueline said...

I am going to have to start keeping my lettuce containers! What a great idea. Your foam boxes are great too.

Don't you love that you can make the camera's eye avoid the messy desk if you want to? What a lovely organization system you have. I am jealous! I really need someone to go through and get rid of half of everything for me without me watching!


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