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Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring has officially arrived!

Miss Priss sits as if guarding the green shoots bursting forth from the barren ground. Pictures were taken last week, Monday March 29th, 2010. I love the spring. Bulbs bursting forth is a great healer for enduring all the snow we had this past winter. We've even had our first really bad series of dust storms. The storm chasers won't be far behind.
A Narcissus/daffodil peeking out from under a bench.
A crocus strains her face to the warm of the sun.
The tulips, still from last year, not newly planted ones, are showing their heads in abundance this year.
This beautiful red tulip has spread her petals to harvest all the sun she can to weather the cool nights still to be.
Forsythia blossoms spring forth on the barren twigs. Only one is in bloom, could be the last frost was too much for the other plant.
I planted these snowdrops last year and not a one of them shot forth. I figured it was an error on my part. What a surprise to see them popping up everywhere this year.
Aren't their faces so beautiful. I love the lime green on the tips of the petals.
A flowering tree in one corner of the yard. Note to self, plant more flowering trees. So beautiful in the spring.

The Vinca is sporting blooms everywhere.

And inside, the geraniums on the kitchen window are full of blooms. Red petals against the vintage yellow tile. I can't imagine a prettier sight.
Miss Priss has grown tired. So she rests behind the new greenery. She's virtually invisible isn't she... Who wants to guess how many kittens she has :-(

So the yard work begins. We've started gathering the leaves, picking up the branches strewn about by the spring winds, and started the never ending watering. But it's all worth it in the end. Life is good.

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Bobbie said...

The flowers are so welcome and beautiful. Seems the many snows have given them more reason to grow. I love the spring.


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