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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is it too early to think beach?

It's one of the fun word books. It's in progress. But I wanted to give you some inspiration for a "cool" summer project. Maybe you've got some older beach pictures? Maybe you've been to the beach over spring break. Jump in, take a break and see how much fun it is to create something summer-y!
I chose some scenic beach papers for my book. I also added travel and beach themed embellishments.
To add a few more pages to the book, I cut sheer pages in the shape of the "previous" letter page to insert between the letters of the book. To explain a bit more, I overlaid the "b" page on a sheer acrylic page, traced it and then cut it out. It fits perfectly behind the B, only showing through the opening in the letters when the book is closed. Insert a page between each letter, you'll see how cool this looks.
Here the tag is clipped to the sheer E page.

Here the 'a' page sheer insert shows up very well over the C page.
Loved these resin beach shells!

I'm still looking for something to dangle from the o ring on the H!

I loved the California beach sheer overlay! I know I've got some beach pictures from there too.
One more resin shell...

I hope you find some inspiration, I hope you get some ideas whether they are for a beach themed book or a simple page..

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