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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fabric covered hearts ... for very special people

Welcome back. I'm so glad you are here. Today I've got a darling fabric covered heart box to share with you. Truthfully, I'm addicted to these little boxes. They are just so much fun to make. The next one you'll see here is a lace-shaped heirloom confection. Stay tuned for that, you won't want to miss that one either.

Step one would be to cover the top of the box with fabric adhering the fabric with double sided tape. Be sure to clip the curves so that you have nice finish.

Used a #16 wide gathering foot for my machine to gather two sides of a strip of fabric. Folded the fabric on the gathered line and then edge-stitched that in place. Hides those raw edges so well.
Then attach the strip to the side of the box lid overlapping the edges and folding the ends under for a clean finish.
Then it's time to find all those things you didn't remember you had and attach them to the top with glue dots, hot glue or adhesive of your choice.
Buttons and ribbons add such a nice touch.
The silver cupid started out as textured paper, embossed with silver embossing powder and then inked to give it an antique look.
Tuck in a few lace leaves in between the velvet leaves. Thank you my dear friends Gail and Charlotte for these.. I can't seem to have enough of them these days!

Check out the craft section of the craft store. Some of the flowers are so much more detailed than the silk flowers in the floral department.

I simply painted the bottom with an off white spray paint.
And because enough isn't enough, I added two more rows of little lace around the gathered fabric side. and covered the top with another mini rose.

The bottom has a fabric heart tucked inside to make it look more finished. You could stamp or embroider something delectable on this!

And if the recipient is very lucky, the box will still contain some chocolate. But if not, you could fill it with other goodies.. Have fun, thanks for dropping in. Cya soon!

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