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Monday, January 25, 2010

Santa Fe again...

We left Lubbock last Friday morning for a weekend in our favorite spot on the globe - Santa Fe, New Mexico. When I win the HGTV giveaway house and/or the lottery, count me moved! We left in warm temperatures, but this is what greeted us from before Clines Corners on I-20 and then along a good portion of NM-285. Snow. Blowing snow and cold. We even encountered a TV crew from Albuquerque on NM-285. And I-20 was closed at the New Mexico-Arizona border. But it didn't dampen our spirits.
See those heavy snow clouds and the mountains getting snow?
We stopped at a new place for us before we got to Santa Fe. This darling little (and I mean little) place is on the Old Las Vegas Highway - it runs right along I-25 as you head west into Santa Fe from NM-285. This view was remarkable.. the little birds kept going to the feeder the entire time we were there. Not one pesky dove or crackle or crow to shoo them away!
The place is called Bobcat Bites and we filled our bellies with the best 10oz green chile burger ever! And the best part - we didn't have to wait.
So we check in, and all is well. Of course it's time to see what the stores have stocked and we head out. Well, just before this surge of snow hit, we had found the bar at La Fonda, looked out and I couldn't resist showing you how heavily the snow was coming down....
And you thought the weather changed frequently in Lubbock! Look at the sun shining on the beautiful Saint Francis Cathedral.
And on the Palace of the Governors...
This could really be next year's Christmas cards! They still had the Christmas tree up in the square, surrounded by mounds of snow.
We are almost back at the Hilton. It's our preferred choice because we just park the car when we get there and don't see it again until it's time to leave. Very convenient to all of our activities.
The view out of our window... see all those clouds.. some are still getting snow. We sashayed to the bar, got hung up on the fireplace and the view down the stree to the cathedral and just vegged out and had dinner right there.
Next morning.. Cafe Paris! Those croissants are about the best I've had on this side of the Atlantic. I really recommend this darling place.

It's in Burro alley, not far from the Hilton.

The Palace of the Governors where the Native Americans set up to sell their wares each and every day. It was quite cold and the merchants were sparse.
The Museum of Art is even artful from the outside.
You have to make sure you check out the alleys between the stores because you'll find vendors with some fun stuff.
We didn't eat here this time but The Shed is a wonderful place to eat. Make reservations even in the slow times of the year.
Venturing into this courtyard, we came upon two shops that were recommended to us. The courtyard is swell enough. What could those stores possibly offer?

Stay tuned on Wednesday to find out what we found in those little shops in the corner!

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Bobbie said...

Beautiful! Driving in the snow not so much. Anxious to see the shops.


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