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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Santa Fe - deuxieme partie

So these are the stores in the corner. What fun stores. We literally spent hours back here browsing and touching and learning. One fun reason to come to Santa Fe in the midst of January is that the crowd has gone home, the locals are chatty and you learn so much and find that the entire trip is geared down a notch. Much more restful. Montez art gallery. They had some really fun stuff and some really grand stuff, so things for each budget and I'm positive that there is something there for everyone. I purchased a small shrine. I have an idea for a fabric piece to go inside. I plan on making it happen, I do, I do, I do.
And this lovely place is called Poem. The wares were like words in a poem, each dependent on one another to tell a story, to show a picture and to make you want to stay there forever. They had mica flakes, children's toys, glasswares, tablewares, the whimsical, the serious. I think I spent an hour in that little place just discovering all the words of the Poem.
Yet another alley full of things to buy.
One of the thousands of art galleries in this town.
Last breakfast. Had to have green chile on the eggs too. La Fonda. We missed eating dinner there, so we thought we'd try breakfast for a change.. it was excellent.
Aren't those Marc Roberts fairies simply inviting in the store window?
Oh I would just love to get one of these cuties on valentine's day. Guess I'll have to get busy and make one... Love the vintage photo, the trims and all the red glitter.
The toile paper adds just the perfect bit of contrast to the heart.
Great chair, great sale, we brought my vehicle and not the big truck :-(!!
Love the crosses.. all of them.
Don't you just love the trims on these little purses. I can see a sweater being repurposed into one of these.
Once again the Lensik Theater. Love all the intricate work on this building.
Vigas and corbels. I could take pictures of each and every one because they are all so different.

I believe this is the oldest shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe. The church is located on South Guadalupe street.
The workmanship on the statuario is amazing. That face will take you under her wing and comfort you for sure.
Venessie..... a first class piano bar. We had so much fun after dinner the evening before this shot was taken. Note to self, get a pocket camera!
More gables..
And a real favorite place to shop. Do you have a feeling this trip was all about shopping and eating. It was. No bones about it. Jackalope. Needed another pot. This one for inside the house. I find that their prices are so much better than I can find around here. Also had to pick up pinion coffee. We are hooked.
The ski run was running full blast. Aren't the white peaks amazing?
So we shut the door on another fun weekend. As much as we did it was very restful. However I came home with my head filled with ideas and the brain in overload. So many fun things to make, to take in and now I'm redecorating. Again.

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