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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Are you thinking Valentine's already?

Welcome! If I start now, maybe I can have some special Valentine's ready for those I love. What are the odds? Above, you'll see two revamped Valentine boxes. Covered with paper, adorned with tidbits of lace, wire and flowers, these boxes have taken on the look of an old fashioned Valentine, I think. Later in the week I'll put up a step by step how-to so that you too can create your own. The mini tutorial will be a more masculine box. It can be done!
Gathered lace formed into a flower is the base for a grouping of items. A flower, key and self-made tag are minimal but have lots of impact.
A look at the larger box, shows mini flowers, floral colored "bits", a coiled wire, crinkled tag and a Liquid Pearls spotted Spellbinders die cut heart.
The two roses are antique wire mesh adornments. A glass leaf peaks out between glass flowers and a strand of faux pearls. All this sits on a purchased lace bow.
A gold heart adds the finishing touch to the assemblage that is topped off with a lace dragonfly.
A key peaks out from the grouping.

I love the Basic Grey paper that covers the top of the box!
This little box is a bit smaller and has a cool striped side with a mini lace strip hanging down.
Finish off the backs where the lace overlaps with a bitty flower specimen!

And if the ricrack is too plain, dot it with a pen to give it a bit more interest.

Remember stay tuned for the mini tutorial that will post this week. For the sewers out there, I've got a stitched version too.

The QuicKutz club preview will appear on Wednesday - it's the first of the year!

Be Creative and thanks for dropping by!


Bobbie said...

Great boxes! They are beautiful as always and I love the ols fashin look.

Bobbie said...

Typing really bad this am. Old fashion

Anonymous said...

Lovely boxes. Reminds of valentine boxes my great-aunt and 2nd cousins
had when I was a very very little girl. (Not for small children to touch.) I spent hours longing to just softly touch those beautiful boxes. Thank You so much for sharing your creations. Just Lovely.

TAMMY said...



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