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Friday, January 15, 2010

Covered heart tutorial....

This one is a bit more masculine than the others. but the techniques used are very similar. Decorating your piece will be totally up to you, gather some fun embellishments and just sit and play.
Gather your supplies, I also used Glossy Accents to adhere metal to paper, metal to die cut, a Spellbinders scallop edge heart, some t!m Holtz metal embellishments, mini glue dots, a Crop-a-dile, slate alcohol ink, some ribbon and the orange double sided adhesive, and an embossing tool. Trace the top and bottom heart onto paper of your choice and cut out.
Eat the contents of the hearts. You owe it to yourself. Of course if you are giving the chocolate, then don't take a bite out of them first :). Take the lid off and paint the bottom of the heart (see picture above) on the lip that extends from the heart base and you can see when it's closed, also the side that goes up. easier to keep a nice cohesive look. I used gold, but any color would work. Paint the lip that extends on the box top also. Let dry.
Since this heart box had a metallic cover, I sanded it a bit with a file first. Then use my new love - Liquid Laminate! It's clear so don't go overboard. Squirt some onto the top and then 'paint' the top with a foam brush. I stamped and embossed the cover heart first. Then lay the cover heart you cut out earlier on top. With the laminate you don't have the same window to move items around. Once the paper is down, it's pretty much there. Be careful when you place it. I KNOW you will love this product though, so much easier and less messy than Mod Podge. Also, word of advice, don't get it on your clothes.. it's there if it does!
Cover the side of the top with a 1" strip (or larger/smaller - measure your box) of paper. Add either some lace or some ric-rack to the side with mini glue dots.
Using the orange double sided tape place a piece on the cover. Cover the strip with a piece of ribbon. Repeat for the second piece of ribbon.
Make sure it come down onto the back side.
Die cut a piece of metal with the Spellbinders scallop edged die. Emboss with your favorite embossing plate. Drip slate alcohol ink onto the embossed die cut.
It's okay if it puddles. The dry with your embossing gun. The ink will move around a bit, but the end result is very cool.
I added a t!m Holtz spinner, chain with attachment piece and a brad through the heart which was glued to a same size die cut chipboard piece for added stability.
Attached the piece to the top of the heart with some black pop dots. Added a picture to the attachment piece. You can see i added a metal corner to the heart bottom.

Close up of the heart.
Close up of chain. I just love how the distress embossing powder makes this piece look at the more "rough" and it still conveys valentine's sentiments.

Other options:
Western theme with brown craft paper, cording and appropriate stamps
cut a heart for the bottom inside and write a message or stamp a message on it
I'll be showing you the fabric heart Monday next week. I think you'll be surprised to see the little box covered with fabric. Till then. Thanks for stopping by and...


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Bobbie said...

Great box. Love the metal heart and Tim Holtz embellishments. His stuff is so cool I just don't always know what to do with it. Masculine is good when you are surrounded by guys

Bobbie said...

You guys think these are cute on here you should see them for real. To die for!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful as always. Marlis you are a very smart lady with so many really great ideas.


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