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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pre Easter week - It's time to bring out the eggs.

It's the week before Easter and I cannot think of a better thing to do than to take you through some very quick decorating! This set of Easter blocks was made last year from old stamp blocks, die cut and embossed metal, paint, and ink. Click here for more details.
Gail Pittman eggs. These are amazing creations. I was blessed enough to have visited her outlet in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Almost didn't make the flight home, but that is a story for another day. But had I not, it would have been okay for sure! So I took the monogrammed domino's out of the bowl my sister in law 'threw' for me. Well that is what you do when you make something out of pottery. Her pieces are really very nice.
Found this wonderful porcelain bunny at Hobby Lobby last year. He just looks like something old with bits of lace attached.. doesn't he?
With just a few items, the coffee table is transformed rather quickly. Sometimes it's best to go with what works.

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