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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First signs of Spring...

Although the ugly leaves from last year are still in the beds, they didn't deter the timely arrival of the first spring blossoms. Last Monday it still spit snow. It was cold and I certainly had no desire to venture out. Wednesday the buds were evident on the stems. Thursday after a day filled with spring sunshine, the buds began to blossom forth.
Like brave soldiers, the green spikes peek out from the ground, aligned as if to say "Winter, we have arrived."
Today whilst the sun gleamed upon the petals, I ventured out to capture the arrival of spring. Not by the calendar but by the arrival of Crocus, the first spring flowers.
Looking down the rows of planted bulbs, I can see tulips, narcissus, day lilies, and crocus.
Spring is a renewal of faith. We should remember the spring when we go through trials in our life. After all this is not our permanent home, but just our journey to our permanent home with our God and Savior.
Even the trees are budding out. Does this mean that we won't have our yearly Easter freeze? Hope springs eternal.
Vinca is blooming in a sheltered spot where it harnesses the warmth of the afternoon son.
The pots with the plants the squirrels demolished. Here comes the vinca.
The last flowers I had planted in those pots were mums. Here they make their unwanted come back. I guess I'll have to transplant them to another location until I will need them again in the fall.
Golden crocus stretch their petals towards the sun gathering warmth to make it through the yet very chilly nights.
Miss Priss has found herself a warm spot as well in the Liriope beneath some shrubs. She has so acclimated to our home that I do not even phase her wielding a rake!

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Bobbie said...

Your flowers are so welcome by me! I am so ready for spring.


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