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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Introducing the neighborhood....

cats! Last summer we noticed that there were several feral cats abound in our neighborhood. As the weather got cooler, old softy started feeding them. Old softy is the only resident male in this house just to clear up any misunderstandings this might have caused. Basically this is the core group. 2 pale face Siamese, 1 dark faced Siamese, Bow-tie ( the black cat with a white bowtie on his neck) and Miss Priss. Old Softy began by putting out one bowl of food. Now can you imagine what happens when 5 cats try to get one bowl of food? It's quite interesting and it brings out their personalities - but not always their best traits.
So when Mrs. Logical Thinker got involved (how could she not??), the piles started to appear and of course the bowl still had food in it, so plenty of food for the sweet faces. And Mrs. Logical Thinker decided that once a day was not enough. Especially when they were practically begging in the morning... so twice a day now, they get fed, watered and on special occasions are given milk.
Miss Priss appeared after the others. Very young and Mrs. Logical Thinker had to make sure that the other older cats would actually let her eat. Now she is the cat in residence. Still won't come inside, but doesn't mind if you are outside unless of course you scare her, wear a hat or the other cats skedaddle. Then she thinks she must too. Anyone need a cat?


Bobbie said...

No cats for me my dog keeps them hiding under the storage building. She also chases them up the tree if they dare get close to the house.

CG said...

Those look like someone's pets, not strays


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